Jason Garrett: Decision-makers want P.I. rule as “unobtrusive” as possible


The Competition Committee visited with coaches last week about potential changes to expanded replay for pass interference. It is circling back to owners this week as it seeks to figure out how to handle the final two minutes of each half.

Coaches want the same rules that generally apply to replay review to apply to offensive and defensive pass interference. They do not want replay review for pass interference to be in their hands in the final two minutes of each half, needing a timeout and a challenge to throw their red flag.

Coaches left the annual meetings in March believing that the league office would handle replay review for pass interference during the same circumstances where replay review is automatically available. Last month, though, owners gave the Competition Committee the authority to tweak the rule.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, who played a big role in owners approving expanded replay in March, said conversations are ongoing with no decision yet made.

“We’ve had a lot of good conversations over the last couple of months, and where I want to leave it today is I just know they’re involved in the process,” Garrett said Tuesday. “It’s been a very thoughtful process. The conversations we’ve had, the subcommittee I’m on, we’ve had great visits with all the decision-makers on this. The back and forth has been outstanding. The goal for the league is to be able to address some of the issues of a significant play that might happen at the end of the game that might have a big impact, not unlike that New Orleans-Rams game. I think they’re just trying to be able to handle that and address that situation in as an unobtrusive way as possible, and they’re going through all the different scenarios. I’ll let them finish that process before I weigh in on it. Again, I think the process has been a good one, and a lot of voices have been heard.”

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