Malcolm Jenkins wants to be “within the ballpark” of his value


Everyone assumed Malcolm Jenkins was skipping the team’s voluntary offseason program because of displeasure over his contract. Everyone was right.

Jenkins is entering the third year of a four-year, $35 million deal, with his annual average of $8.75 million ranking only ninth among safeties. Although he said he feels “respected” by the Eagles, Jenkins wants market value.

“I think it’s more so a reflection of the contract that I signed two years ago,” Jenkins said, via Zach Berman of “But obviously, as a player, I feel like I’ve outplayed that contract.”

Tyrann Mathieu and Landon Collins signed deals in the offseason with annual averages of $14 million. Earl Thomas got an average of $13.75 million and Lamarcus Joyner $10.5 million. Those are four of the top-five annual averages for safeties.

“I’m happy whenever any other player gets paid,” Jenkins said. “You start to look at where you are and evaluate your position, just like anybody in any job. If you feel like you’re the best at what you do and there are other people out there making more than you, you want to renegotiate your contract and make sure you’re getting the value you should be. Any business and any businessperson should think like that. I think any player should think like that.”

Jenkins has had conversations with owner Jeffrey Lurie, and he characterized contract talks with the team as “ongoing.” He said he is not trying to become the highest-paid safety in the game but wants to be “within the ballpark” of his value.

15 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins wants to be “within the ballpark” of his value

  1. This is getting old. These guys scream for long term deals for security, then in 2-3 yrs they scream they are underpaid. Are they really this stupid!? You cant have long term contract and not expect others to be paid more than you before the contract is up. Morons!

  2. redlikethepig says:
    June 11, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    “I’ll take less just to play for this fine team”, said no player ever.
    …other than Brady.

  3. Well as long as you’re willing to give money back when/if you have a down year than ok.

  4. So then do one-year contracts. Players want the security of multi-year deals but they don’t want to honor them unless their play falls off and their value declines. If everything goes well for them the first year or two, then they want to redo the deal at current market rates. So take your pick, security or market rate.

  5. You mean that the salary cap went up and free agent safeties received new contracts that drove the market up?


    Key words: Free agent

    If you wanted a 2 year deal Malcolm, you should have signed one. Don’t sign a 4 year deal and then whine about it 2 years in.

  6. Eagles fan here – Jenkins deserves every penny.

    For those that don’t know much about him he joined the Eagles in ’14 when the majority of the NFL landscape was begging for a now out-of-the-NFL Jarius Byrd as the premier Safety FA.

    Jenkins was a difference maker straight away and it was obvious that he was playing at a higher than expected level after what folks would call a good-solid Saints career. This wasn’t a mirage, he’s played at that level every single year we have had him.

    He’s a great safety first things first, but it’s what he does around the field that makes him truly valuable. Want to play him center field? Done. Want to him to play in the box and make TFL? Done. Want him to slide into LB in the nickel and play the run/pass from there? Done. Want him to play Nickel CB? Done. His versatility is the reason we won the SB i believe.

    In the locker room he’s probably worth even more, he’s the de facto leader of our Defense and possibly entire team, he elevates the talent around him (see rag tag Eagles secondary from ’18) and is one of Doug Pederson’s leadership committee.

    He may not be the BEST safety in the game, but for the Eagles i don’t think there is a better fit and they should and will pay him.

  7. redlikethepig says:
    June 11, 2019 at 8:50 pm
    “I’ll take less just to play for this fine team”, said no player ever.

    Tom Brady seems to say that just about every year.

  8. If you count his new money, his pro-rated signing bonus, and his workout bonus then he is averaging 9.6 million a year the next 2 years. That sounds like just short of LaMarcus Joyner and is within the ballpark of his value.

    Pro athletes always want to pretend that the signing bonus does not count towards the yearly compensation as if it was free money they get for being wonderful people.

    Add to that the fact that getting 3 million of bonus money between 2 (1.5m) and 3 (1.5m) years early with no interest charged and the real yearly value surpasses 10 million a year.

    Jenkins is just plain wrong and greedy here. KC and DC signing stupid contracts has no bearing on his existing contract.

  9. “I’ll take less just to play for this fine team”, said no player ever.


    They’d make a ton of enemies for wrecking market value but I’m waiting for one team (or at least the core of the team) to collectively say “Let’s go all out for a Super Bowl and take less than market value so we can load up.”

    I’m not talking a vet FA that takes less to go to a contender vs. taking more from a bad team. I mean a concerted effort from the team’s best players.

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