Pete Carroll: Shaquem Griffin is “more comfortable” this year

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Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin had limited contributions as a rookie in 2018. The Seahawks expect him to do more this year.

“[I]t’s been really a good deal for him,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters on Tuesday regarding Griffin’s offseason program. “He’s just more comfortable out there. . . . [H]e’s had a very, very good offseason with us.”

Carroll said that, in the team’s base package, Griffin will play strongside linebacker. He’ll move to the weakside spot when the team adds a fifth defensive back.

“We want him to be really fit and make sure that his speed is his greatest asset,” Carroll said regarding whether the team wants Griffin to gain weight for his move. “Don’t want to try to get him big. . . . I’d rather see him at the fastest weight — the fastest strongest weight — than just numbers and pounds.”

Carroll was asked about Griffin’s belief that he tried to do too much last season.

“Trying too hard is a big problem,” Carroll said. “And sometimes we’re trying to make things happen that aren’t there, you know. I think he is determined. He was not satisfied with the season last year. He had a really solid rookie season and expected to really take a big jump and didn’t make the jump that he wanted to. So it’s really focused him on really setting his sights on the preparation and it’s obvious he’s done it, he’s put in the work. His mentality is great and I would think that maybe that jump he was counting on then might happen at this time and we’re expecting him to really do it and have a terrific season.”

Griffin has overcome the absence of a hand to play in the NFL, inspiring people who face adversity of every kind. If he indeed has a terrific season, he’ll become an even bigger inspiration.