Robert Woods has out-produced contract

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Robert Woods has long ago proven himself reliable.

Now, he has proven himself to be underpaid.

The Rams wide receiver, who led a Super Bowl team in receptions last year, has become a bargain, but he isn’t focusing on his contract right now.

“I go out and compete every single day, and work to be the best,” Woods said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “And I just think my play will show it all.

I feel like I will get what I deserve.”

Woods may have to wait, as he has three years left on his contract. The five-year, $34 million deal he signed two years ago was speculative, after a good-not-great run with the Bills. He’s not among the top 30 at his position in terms of annual value, but he has proven his value to the Rams.

After Cooper Kupp was lost to injury, Woods led the Rams with 86 receptions, and topped 1,000 yards for the first-time in his career (1,219).

“Just the start of it,” Woods said. “I feel like last year was a taste of what I knew I had, what other people saw a glimpse of.”

He also did it while so many other wide receivers were cashing in, including teammate Brandin Cooks.

“I said, ‘I’m next,’ ” Woods said. “You’re always happy for your teammates and other receivers making money.”

Of course, the Rams have so many other pressing issues, that an adjustment to his deal seems unlikely. That’s the danger of signing a long-term deal and then outperforming it. They’re already pumping the brakes on talk about a new deal for quarterback Jared Goff, so Woods is probably going to have to wait a year (or two) for his.

15 responses to “Robert Woods has out-produced contract

  1. He is paid what the market was when he signed his deal.
    He could have bet on himself with a shorter deal, but would have received less up front.

  2. The problem in Buffalo all those years was they never had an NFL QB. As we’re seeing, they did have a lot of talent on that team, just not a QB. Now Buffalo finally has a QB, but they got rid of a lot of their good players. Woods isn’t surprising me one bit. He’s always been a solid WR. He was also in the perfect spot last year with the Rams.

  3. Woods will be 30 years old in 3 years when he will not be a candidate for a long term high money deal. He knows that he needs to get his money asap, but the Rams know that there is no good reason to redo the deal any time soon. Woods was a free agent and it was his choice to sign a long term deal—–sometimes you just have to live with your decisions.

  4. I didn’t want him to leave Buffalo, he doesn’t have the prototypical wide receiver size and measurables, but the intangibles like his competitive fire and aggressiveness on the field help his team, you will see him finish blocks on running plays. He got good money and went back home to play football, he probably is good with his contract right now, just keep playing and the next contract will work itself out.

  5. No problem. He just needs to dial it back a little on yards or receptions. The best way to align performance with the contract is on YAC yards. Unless you’re WIDE open, go down after the catch.

  6. Robert Woods has been in the league for 6 years.
    For the first 5 years he averaged around 650 yards a year, which is nothing special.
    He got paid commensurate with his production.

    He’s 27 and had a fluke year after 5 ok years.
    Its not like he’s 24 and had a breakout year after 2 ok ones.
    He had a great year 2 years into his new contract.
    I see no reason to give him a raise, he has not out performed his contract.

  7. endtimesparty says:
    June 11, 2019 at 9:55 am
    No problem. He just needs to dial it back a little on yards or receptions. The best way to align performance with the contract is on YAC yards. Unless you’re WIDE open, go down after the catch.


    Is that you, Suh?

  8. I love Robert Woods but he did not OUT PERFORM his contract, he took more than I thought he was worth at the time… so you can whine about other guys getting more or you can be grateful someone gave you $34 million when really NO ONE should have!
    and REALLY 34 millon invest wisely and you are supposedly such a character guy you can compensate your 34 million dollar windfall with a TV career!

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