Sean McVay: I hope Jared Goff is stuck with me for a long time

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has his second contract. The Rams are waiting to give quarterback Jared Goff his. Rams coach Sean McVay dismisses any potential implications arising from the team’s apparent reluctance to financially commit to Goff.

“Any of the things or narratives that are out there, Jared Goff, as long as I’m fortunate enough to be in this role, hopefully this guy’s stuck with me for a long time,” McVay told reporters on Tuesday. “So he’s an outstanding leader. People make a deal about the system, but he’s the reason why. Our players are the reason why the system is what it is because he can do so many different things. And really when you just look at the confidence we have in him . . . taking steps from Year One in the system to Year Two just thinking back to last year how confident he was and now I think it’s even that much more this year. . . . He’s got true ownership, great ability to communicate with his teammates, and with him leading the way we feel really good.”

But not good enough to give him a second contract, at least not yet.

The Rams have had three consecutive first-round picks who became great players. Defensive tackle Aaron Donald (2014) got his second contract just before the start of his fifth regular season. Running back Todd Gurley (2015) got his after three years, a move that the team may now regret. Goff, the first-rounder in 2016 for whom the team gave up plenty in order to trade to the top of the draft order, has a fair basis to want at least as much as Wentz ($32 million per year in new money), and McVay’s praise only adds to Goff’s leverage.

As time goes by and the salary cap continues to climb, Goff’s potential value will climb as well. Still, someone eventually is going to balk at paying huge money to a quarterback, and until Goff gets paid huge money there’s a chance it will be him.


8 responses to “Sean McVay: I hope Jared Goff is stuck with me for a long time

  1. If you have a kid tell him to play qb bad to average talent is cashing in 😂

  2. PFT consistently forgets that two-time Pro Bowl QB Jared Goff is one of only five QBs in NFL history with a TD% of over 5% and and INT% below 2.5% (min 1,000 attempts). The other four are (in order): Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson.

    PFT also consistently forgets that two-time Pro Bowl QB Jared Goff has taken his team to the Super Bowl, storming back from a 13-0 deficit against New Orleans, in spite of an ear-splitting disadvantage (yet PFT claims, in utterly baffling but not atypical fashion, that NO would have beaten LA on the proverbial “neutral field”[!!] — hence their season-ending #2 ranking for NO vs. #3 for LA.)

    PFT also consistently forgets that Carson Wentz is *almost 3 years older* than Jared Goff. That’s right — Wentz will turn 27 in December but Goff will turn 25 in October. So an apples-to-apples age comparison would pit two-time Pro Bowl QB Jared Goff against Carson Wentz as a promising rookie. “It takes all kinds,” as they say politely, so we’ll politely remind PFT of these obvious facts.

  3. It’s nice having a puppet on the field.. but we’ve all seen what happens after the strings get cut. Goff sucks when defenses make late changes after the coach to QB communication is cut off.

  4. Wow, is McVay as stupid as Arian’s? Sean, how about you keep your mouth shut. Why say that at all? That statement is asinine before a new contract and will be a total coach killer.
    What could McVay gain in saying anything like that?

  5. Everyone needs to remember that Goff’s rookie year was under the tutalage of the QB whisperer Jeff Fisher.

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