Texans have requested permission for Caserio, not Ossenfort (yet)

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A pair of Patriots executives emerged as potential candidates foe the sudden G.M. job in Houston. For now, the Patriots have requested permission to speak to only one of them.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Texans have asked permission to interview New England director of player personnel Nick Caserio, but not director of college scouting Monte Ossenfort.

The Texans may still pursue Ossenfort, but for now the focus seems to be on Caserio. And the question hovering over the entire pursuit continues to be whether the G.M. job in Houston provides enough authority to allow the Texans to hire Caserio without the consent of the Patriots.

As mentioned earlier today on PFT Live, it’s possible that the Texans and Patriots will disagree on whether the circumstances, the policies, and any relevant contracts permit the Texans to hire Caserio over New England’s objection, if there is an objection. And if there’s an impasse, the Commissioner (or his designee) would have to resolve it.

The end result could be that Caserio would be permitted to leave, that Caserio would be required to stay, or that the Texans would have to compensate the Patriots for Caserio. For now, it’s too early to know which way this one will unfold, but there are enough questions to at least justify keeping an eye on whether the Patriots take the position that Caserio should be regarded as off-limits by the Texans.

10 responses to “Texans have requested permission for Caserio, not Ossenfort (yet)

  1. The Patriots have to ask permission from whom to speak to their own employee?

  2. He should stay. Houston sucks and will never win a thing with Watson who is one knee away from career over. I hate the pats but O’Brien is garbage

  3. Caserio is a pretty sharp guy. I know the Patriots will fight to keep him. Kraft will do the same as he did with McDaniels – simply pay him more, and explain his role in the post BB era.

  4. another scenario not being mentioned. caserio doesnt want to go and he asks new england to block the move so they take the brunt of backlash, not him.

  5. Not happening…It’s pretty clear he’d be an absolute fool. Kraft will just match the money. Their ownership is a mess right now and he’s 5 years away from taking over from BB anyway.

    It’s not happening.

  6. I hope he stays. He is very highly regarded in the Patriots organization, and likely will be the GM when Bill Belichick eventually retires. Why leave all that behind in a champion organization to go work with for an average franchise with a head coach that is clearly in over his head?

  7. He probably is interested b/c it seems odd the Texans would a) fire their current GM without a good idea their #1 choice is interested and then b) ask for permission, again, and to be denied/rejected, again, which is not a good look.

  8. The circumstances of whether this is a promotion won’t matter. Kraft and Belichick will ask Caserio if he wants the job. If he says yes they will let him go. They won’t force him to stay. If he says no, then they will tell Houston to get lost, not Caserio.

  9. If Casario and McDaniels wait it out in New England, they’ll be golden. The likely work stoppage after the ’20 season will probably be it for Belichick and Brady.

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