Todd Gurley on knee: It’s a small problem

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Rams running back Todd Gurley‘s knee injury has been a major topic of conversation since he missed time because of it late in the 2018 season and he’s remained off the field during the team’s offseason program.

The condition of Gurley’s knee has been labeled a concern, but the running back didn’t sound overly worried about it when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday. Gurley said he’s fine and doing the same kinds of things he’s always done in the offseason while making a comparison to how he felt after tearing his ACL in his final year at the University of Georgia.

“I had bigger problems to worry about coming out of college. This is small,” Gurley said.

Head coach Sean McVay said at his own press conference that the team plans to have Gurley back on the field for drills at training camp. Any alteration to that plan will likely lead to greater concern about what he’ll be able to do in 2019.

34 responses to “Todd Gurley on knee: It’s a small problem

  1. By small he means huge. Sorry bro, you’ve been downgraded to the 2nd round of my fantasy draft this year.

  2. Does it really matter how injured he is? Given the fact that CJ Anderson came off the street last season and Rams didn’t miss a beat offensively proved that it doesn’t really matter who the rb is in McVay’s offense

    SB aside mind you

    Gurley will be fine. Rams will win that division again. Pretty easily I would think

  3. I hope the best for him. But I’m still downgrading him in my fantasy draft. A lot. He is now that guy I want to see an opponent overpay for.

  4. No sign of it on last years injury reports seems like a small problem, too.

  5. Don’t worry, McVay will prob keep on just somehow forgetting to call your number on plays.

  6. Rams will take a step back this year with Gurley at half strength after the big injury plus Goff being exposed as a nothing qb. I see the Seahawks winning that division.

  7. “Does it really matter how injured he is? Given the fact that CJ Anderson came off the street last season and Rams didn’t miss a beat offensively proved that it doesn’t really matter who the rb is in McVay’s offense”

    Rams are 17-1 the last two seasons when he gets 20 touches or more in a game.

  8. Well the bigger problem is his enormous contract that the Rams are stuck with. Ouch….
    Enos will have to sell part of the 1/2 of Texas that he owns.

  9. No problem he got paid.

    I get it. Now the ball is in the staffs hands not to drop by overworking him.

    Because he knee will never allow him to live up to that crazy contract.

  10. Y’all rooting against him…c’mon now. I’m not a Rams fan or a Georgia (isn’t that where he’s from, but I’m too lazy to check.) but he’s a talent. As a football fan, I hope he’s bounces back entirely and has a 10 year career. No reason he can’t have a Frank Gore type career. Didn’t Frank have a small knee problem coming out of college?

  11. As soon as the word arthritis got thrown out there most people lost their mind. People hear arthritis and they think old and degenerative. I’ve had “arthritis” in my wrist since I was 25, according to doctors. I’m 39 now and it maybe flares up 3 or 4 times a year and feels a little sore. Granted, I’m not playing NFL football but still, the word arthritis doesn’t mean he’s done. I wouldn’t bet against him. The man is a beast.

  12. It’s a small problem for Gurley because the money is guaranteed, and that’s just the facts. Gurley and his family are going to be fine, so it’s a small problem.

  13. If you’re not good enough to go full bore in probably the only sb you’ll ever be in, that is not good. Arthritis does not get better, especially in a collision sport.

  14. Just what is he supposed to say? I’m considering amputation and I should be ready by week 3?

  15. hawkkiller says:
    June 11, 2019 at 6:46 pm
    Talk about minimizing and overlooking a gigantic problem.

    Agreed. Real tired of reading all the BS smoke coming from all the Rams personnel about this kid’s knee. Let’s be real here: Todd Gurley at 100% very well may have helped bring a Lombardi to LA.

    As much praise as everyone had for his replacement, I’m sorry but Todd Gurley at 100% is as good as it gets at RB. One of the best I’ve ever seen. There was no Ram who wanted the SB to be on Goff’s shoulders.

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