Antonio Brown helping Raiders’ cornerbacks get better


Contrary to the perception that he’s a bad teammate, Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has spent his first offseason with the team helping other players get better, on both sides of the ball.

Raiders cornerback Daryl Worley said Brown has given the Raiders’ defensive backs scouting reports on what they do well and what they need to work on, and he’s helping them improve every time they cover him in practice.

“He’s definitely been able to give us feedback on where he feels as though we can improve or what he felt as though he has seen that we covered it well,” Worley said, via the San Jose Mercury News.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden said last year, months before trading for Brown, that he went to a Steelers practice during his time as a broadcaster and came away from it thinking Brown is the hardest-working practice player he’s ever seen. Gruden wanted Brown for more than just what he brings to the team on game days, and Brown is already delivering.

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  1. Yeah, he’ll ‘deliver for the Raiders…until he doesn’t. Drama coming; you can count on it.

  2. I still blame Tomlin. These guys knew they could do whatever they wanted.
    He’d rather be one of the guys than a leader. It bit him in the butt big time.
    This team has lacked direction, discipline, defense, and most of all leadership.

  3. “Contrary to the perception that he’s a bad teammate”

    It’s not a perception when it’s grounded in reality. When he was with the Steelers he told the media it was not his job to help the other WRs on the team get better. When he lied and skipped practice for the Week 17 game against the Bengals, his teammates told the media they would have physically removed his jersey and pads to prevent him from playing if he was ultimately allowed to. This isn’t even touching on his off field issues. It’s just sad that the national media continues to buy into the AB brand and realize all he is doing right now is to keep up the perception that he isn’t really a bad dude at all.
    The same good teammate that bleached his stache and torched his previous teammates so he could get himself a new deal. That’s not perception, that’s reality.

  4. LOL. So they fired their cornerbacks coach? Isn’t that HIS job?

    Let’s see this “great teammate” after a loss where he gets 3 catches. Or where Carr doesn’t see him wide open one time.

    Mr. Big Chest crybaby will be back with a vengeance.

  5. I wouldn’t want to be the player who doesn’t vote for Brown to be team MVP on the Raiders.

  6. “Guys, sign a big contract, then after a couple of years act up and get cut or traded, and then get a new contract”.

  7. heard the same thing about him in pit. now their 1st rd pick (artie burns) is about to get cut. just sayin.

  8. Got to luv the whiny fans wanting AB to fail when they still support there QB with the spotless record .. HA HA

    AB= new team new QB new contract new attitude …cut the guy some slack !!

  9. @ BJ Bob
    I’m a Steeler fan. I’ve known for years AB wasn’t a good guy. Pretty much anyone who followed the team knew that, but he performed on the field better than anyone and wasn’t a big trouble maker. But we all knew, he skipped out on charity appearances to Children Hospital, didn’t show up or came late to autograph signings. He infamously had a regular appearance on a local radio show that he would show up 30-45 minutes late for, sometimes eating instead of doing an interview or one time, flossing while the radio host was trying to talk to him. I just find it hilarious that the national media keeps buying the “I’m a good dude, trust me” stuff from AB when it’s apparent over the past 12-18 months he’s been in damage control on trying to preserve his AB brand and facade. I personally don’t care what he like off the field, but when he went scorched earth on his teammates to get a new deal and the national media bought the victim card, it’s just stupid that people are continuing to get duped by him. Amazing WR, poor excuse for a man. And he will bring your team down, maybe not week one but if you don’t praise him and give him enough attention, it will happen.

  10. myspaceyourface says:
    June 12, 2019 at 10:36 am
    I still blame Tomlin.


    You blame Tomlin for AB throwing large furniture off a balcony that almost hit a child, being in the news for domestic issues, doing over 100 mph in a residential area, livecasting from the locker room, creating a bizarre Internet persona, etc. Got it.

  11. Raiders fans classically love the idea of reclamation projects. A fanbase that has long seen themselves and the organization as misfits, tends to welcome misfits. It’s how Al Davis built the great teams of the 70s and 80s. Whether it is still a successful formula depends, I suppose, on what qualities you value in these castoffs and how often the risk pays off.

    Reality ha ha

  12. Part of me would like to draft this reprobate for my fantasy team as he’s the best wr1 of the decade but if Carr can’t get him the ball it will be Dante’s 9th ring of he!! and it will get ugly fast in Oaktown. Gruden better be ready to rein this guy in cause when things don’t go his way he has the temperament of a hungry toddler. The coach has to be in control and I think Gruden is up to the task but we will see

  13. I never believed AB was a bad teammate. He didn’t get along with Roethlisberger, but it seems nobody does. It’s his attitude that’s in question. He’s another “great when W’s are on the board, but becomes a headache when the L’s pile up”.

  14. mmmpierogi says:

    You blame Tomlin for AB throwing large furniture off a balcony that almost hit a child, being in the news for domestic issues, doing over 100 mph in a residential area, livecasting from the locker room, creating a bizarre Internet persona, etc. Got it.


    Yes. To answer your question, yes. You don’t have to admit that it’s part of a coach’s job to keep their players in line, and at an absolute minimum, be willing to be publicly critical of their on and off-field behavior that undisputedly makes its way into the locker room. You don’t get it, the rest of us do. Tomlin doesn’t run the show, the show runs Tomlin and you can see plain as day the repercussions…. Well, we can. You can’t.

  15. What jman967 said is the truth about Mr Big Chest.
    There are many more stories about him from multiple
    sources. ‘Amazing WR, poor excuse for a man. ‘ is an
    apt description of the manchild.

    For those heaping blaming Tomlin, just remember
    he kept the diva in check for the better part of 9 yrs,
    until AB went full psycho on the team. Tomlin got
    the best out of Brown despite the WR’s issues.

    Let’s see if Gruden can manage him for one.
    Doubt it. Count down clock is ticking.

  16. They also said Artie Burns going against AB made him better. How’d that work out, since he’s about to be cut by a terrible secondary 3 years after being a 1st round pick. Good luck, schmucks!

  17. Yea burning them in practice for TD’s should build their confidence. The Defense will be a problem again for the Raiders, one off season is not going to fix all the problems.

  18. I know casual fans don’t like Brown, but I don’t think there are many people within the football community who think he’s a bad teammate. He spends his summers training and giving back to kids in So. Fla, he’s never been stingy when it comes to lending advice and he plays every game like it’s his last. Perception isn’t always reality.

  19. Let’s remind everyone of what a horrible person AB is every time he does something nice. Get over it.

  20. Two things can be true at the same time:

    1) AB is one of the hardest working players on the planet
    2) he’s a narcissist, who will ultimately create distractions

    AB, is without a doubt, one of the hardest working players I’ve ever seen. He is also a head case; a special kind of me, me, me nut job. If you have any ability to think rationally, you can look right through his double-speak, and his actions, that are nothing more than an attempt to try and have the circumstances fit his desired public persona.

    He is an extremely gifted athlete. I have no doubt he can put up a 100 reception, 1400 yard, 10 TD season. He could likely do that with anyone at QB. But he’s also an explosive personality who is one step away from complete immolation.

  21. Antonio Brown helping Raiders’ cornerbacks get better
    To be fair, they couldn’t get any worse soooooo…..

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