Bears waive one of their many kickers

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The old saying goes: “If you have three kickers you don’t have any.” Or something like that.

So they Bears solved it by getting down to two, and they still may not have any.

The team announced they had waived kicker Chris Blewitt, the aptonymically named rookie from Pitt.

Tossing one overboard leaves them with Eddy Pineiro and Elliott Fry, though Lord knows there will be many more to come. They’re no closer to solving the problem than they were when Cody Parkey double-doinked them out of the playoffs, and there’s no reason to think they won’t continue tinkering.

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  1. they’ve whittled down from 3 to 2 – but they’re no closer? maybe i’m missing something.

  2. Eddy is winning the job. He’s a great kicker. Stop making it out the Bears have 3 bums.

  3. The name Blewitt isn’t just poorly suited for football (ahem, also aptonym). A name like that makes you unemployable. Change it now!

    ps, don’t give up on Elliott. He kicked in front of 80k people regularly, and he has AAF experience.

  4. Despite all the excitement around this team, this kicker fiasco is a shameful embarrassment. For every smart or desperate move (the Mack trade falls in to the latter) Pace makes at least 2-3 complete head-scratching moves:

    -The worst WR group in NFL history in Trubiskys 1st year.

    Just to name a few…

    Pace can be a very weird man.

  5. “What a disaster the Bears are…I see them at the bottom of the NFCN this year.”

    Uh, what? They still have the best defense in the division. After trades and free agency, they have the best backfield in the division. They are on par with the other division teams in the WR corps and the O-Line. While their QB is clearly ranked fourth in a stacked division, he’s the only one not on a roster-killing contract. Their HC will only get better in his second year, and their new DC brings a ton of experience and respect that makes losing Fangio a lot less painful.
    Meanwhile, the Lions are trying to reboot the culture of their franchise; the Vikings are saddled with what can only graciously be described as a very rough QB contract; and the Packers have a very green HC, few quality WR’s, and a great QB who ain’t what he used to be. Of course it’s possible that the Bears will crash and burn after last year’s surprise, but I doubt it. They’re built to last.

  6. The Bears are terrible. Terrible city, terrible fans, terrible team.
    They’ll be battling it out for last place with the Motor City Kitties and the Green Bay Slackers.
    NFL Central belongs to the Norsemen for the next 10 years.
    A Dynasty in the making. Deal with it!!!!

  7. So weird how a team can be solid to strong at virtually every other position and a total dumpster fire at kicker. When your kicker is the wildest card on your team — and your QB arguably is 2nd wildest — and those two are responsible for the bulk of a team’s points in any given season — that’s not the best place to be.

  8. The only thing that makes a little sense and I mean very little is they are hoping SF gets tired of the Gould situation and offers him in a trade . If that isn’t the case then it’s a major fail on the Bears to be this far along into the off season and still be searching for a kicker from a cast of untested unknowns . Don’t know how the double doink didn’t lead to an all out effort to find a battle tested competent NFL kicker as quickly as possible but Pace has proven in the past that logic isn’t always part of his decision making . Kind of reminding me of Elway letting a Super Bowl capable team implode because he refused to get a competent veteran QB after Manning retired .

  9. “they’ve whittled down from 3 to 2 – but they’re no closer? maybe i’m missing something.”

    Neither of the 2 remaining have been kicking well and it’s looking more and more likely like their actual season-opening kicker may be somebody they don’t currently have in camp. THAT’S why they’re not really any closer.

  10. The Bears were so eager to scapegoat Parkey that they forgot they actually have to get a better kicker to replace him. I’m going to go out on a limb here: I bet Parkey makes more kicks this year than anyone who’s on the Bears roster right now.

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