Panthers want Cam Newton “as efficient as possible”


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is throwing again after having right shoulder surgery and head coach Ron Rivera said on Tuesday that the team has been working to tweak Newton’s mechanics after “everything fall by the wayside” when he was hurt last season.

Quarterbacks coach Scott Turner spoke about those tweaks on Wednesday. Turner said he wasn’t sure if mechanics had a role in Newton’s injury, but noted that it’s impossible for quarterbacks to avoid wear and tear on their throwing shoulders while saying the team was working to find ways to help Newton limit it as much as he can.

“It started specifically last year with his footwork, and keeping compact. Making sure his feet and his eyes were working together. And that’s where we really started,” Turner said, via the Charlotte Observer. “And then it has carried over into this offseason as far as making him a little more compact in his upper body, a little bit more closed-off so he’s not as open throwing the ball. And just to make him as efficient as possible, while putting the least amount of stress on — I mean, you’re going to put stress on your arm. It’s throwing a football, it’s not a natural movement. But as little as we can on his shoulder, just to take care of him.”

Turner said Newton’s throwing motion is “really not that different” and that he thinks training camp will provide an opportunity to build muscle memory that allows any changes to fully take hold.