Don Martindale: Ravens are “disappointed” by Michael Pierce not being in shape

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The Ravens pulled defensive tackle Michael Pierce from practice on Tuesday for his own health, given that they believed he wasn’t in shape. On Wednesday, defensive coordinator Don Martindale discussed the situation.

“Of course you’re disappointed,” Martindale said, via Jamison Hensley of “What I said to him, I said it in front of the whole defense: Life is about choices. Just don’t make that choice make your life.”

Martindale stopped short of calling our Pierce to reporters on Wednesday.

“We piled on enough yesterday,” Martindale said. “Let’s don’t forget what a great football player he is. He’ll get back there. I can’t tell you when, but he’ll get back there.”

Hensley noted on Tuesday that Pierce seemed to be “much heavier” at practice.

Undrafted in 2016, Pierce signed earlier this year a restricted free agency tender of $3 million. But the amount isn’t guaranteed, and the Ravens could choose to move on from Pierce, if they don’t like what they see from him in training camp.

13 responses to “Don Martindale: Ravens are “disappointed” by Michael Pierce not being in shape

  1. lol


    all this franchise does is run their mouths as if they are big time

    They’re a perennial .500 team or worse every year now

  2. Why didn’t the NFLPA help their client during the offseason?
    Is it because he doesn’t have to pay union dues during the offseason?
    Why yes it is grasshopper!
    Regardless, Pierce is an idiot for not getting into shape on his own.

  3. Tell you what, pay me $3 million, and I’ll jog every day for an hour. I’ll even lift weights.

  4. As the years go bye, the weight adds on and it’s harder and harder to get into good physical shape. If he isn’t motivated now, the future is bleak.

  5. I think he played last year at about 310 lbs. Wonder just how far out of shape he is.

  6. Pierce’s playing weight is listed at 340 lbs. and 6’0″. The Ravens have a rookie DT named Daylon Mack who is very similar in size at 340 lbs. and 6’1″. Not sure of Mack’s skill level. If Pierce is not in shape for training camp in July which more than likely he will not, cut him and use the $3 million for other players. Pierce’s salary is not guaranteed. If he is not motivated to be in shape now, then it does not bode well for the future. Next!

  7. Didn’t show for OTA’S, came in fat and out of shape. You would think in a contract year he would come in fit and ready to go, sadly not the case. Looks like he worked out at the Golden Corral, Harbaugh did the right thing to pull him off the field.

  8. In the offseason a pro football player has literally just one job: stay in shape.

  9. tylawspick6 says:

    June 12, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    They’re a perennial .500 team or worse every year now
    They’re a .500 team in Foxborough in January.

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