Emmanuel Sanders “would have wanted” adjusted deal if not for injury


Emmanuel Sanders doesn’t blame his teammate, Chris Harris Jr., for sitting out part of the offseason program to indicate his unhappiness with his contract. The cornerback returned to organized team activities May 29 after getting a contract adjustment.

Sanders, in fact, said he “more than likely” would have gone through a similar circumstance if not for tearing an Achilles in a Dec. 5 practice.

“I probably would have wanted a deal,” Sanders said Wednesday on 104.3 The Fan, via Nicki Jhabvala of TheAthletic.com.

Sanders, 32, is set to make $10.15 million in base salary in the final year of his deal. So 2019 is a pivotal season for Sanders.

Sanders said during his radio appearance that he has worked up to two-a-days, running routes with the Broncos and then again on his own.

“I have no pain when I’m running,” Sanders said. “No pain at all. . . .The only time that my Achilles is sore is when I wake up in the morning. I get up. Once I start moving around, it loosens up, and then I’m ready to go.”

He also revealed that he is 8 pounds heavier than last season because of a blood flow restriction machine he used to strengthen his legs after surgery.

3 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders “would have wanted” adjusted deal if not for injury

  1. Also sanders said that in the CBA if a player is late the team can fine the player 15k. Coach Kubiak the fine 250 dollars but Vance Joseph went by the CBA. Something the owners could give up for 18 games????

  2. I think 5 year contracts are on the way out for good players.

    Whats to prevent a player after 2-3 years asking for a new contract with the strong implication that if you don’t give him one he will fake injury or not try hard on some plays or in some games, not help teammates improve, not show up to the off season (eating the small penalty), and anything short of justification for a suspension.

    With a 3 year contract a good player can get another contract after that if they play well, so they will have a lot of incentive.

    I would not want to give a 3 year guarantee because there are still players who would dog it for 2 years then try hard year 3.

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