Jared Goff on contract: “It’s not for me to worry about”


When your neighbor builds an addition on their house, you can’t help but notice.

But Rams quarterback Jared Goff wants to make sure his own home is in order.

Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, Goff said he couldn’t help but see the $128 million contract extension Carson Wentz just signed with the Eagles.

You definitely think about it,” Goff said. “But at the same time, I know none of that is even possible without playing well on the field, and being available on the field.

“So just continue to do what I’ve been doing the last few years and be myself and let it take care of itself.”

That’s an answer that’s as dull as possible, to what is as important a question as the Rams will face in the coming years. They said last week Wentz’s deal didn’t change their timetable for a Goff extension, but coach Sean McVay said he’s happy to be saddled with Goff as long as possible.

At the moment, Goff’s under contract for two more years, this season and the $22 million-plus fifth-year option for 2020.

Asked about his timeline for a new deal, Goff replied: “Whatever’s right. It’s not for me to worry about. It’s for the team and my agent to work on.”

Whenever it happens, it’s going to be the kind of deal everyone in the neighborhood will recognize.

4 responses to “Jared Goff on contract: “It’s not for me to worry about”

  1. Way over rated.
    The Rams are going to pay him a fortune and he will hamstring them for years to come.

    He’s good behind a good oline, with a good running game, and receivers who get open.
    As are most other QBs.
    He’s got a good arm.
    But he’s not a smart QB who can read defenses. He may become one, but you don’t break the bank for possibilities.

  2. California Cool!!! You gotta play a full season however. After the KC “Halle Berry Game” my man kinda had a slump, played well against Dallas, won the game against New Orleans, then put up nothing against the Patriots. However, he has gotten better every single season in the NFL; and hopefully will have the stamina to play a full 19 games this season. Let’s do this LA.

  3. Rewatched the Vikings and Chiefs games from last year. I know we’re supposed to forget all about those, but I haven’t.

    Goff is on his way to stardom. Great anticipation and can fit the ball into the smallest windows.

    Yeah Belichick flummoxed him in the playoffs, but he did the same to Peyton Manning early in his career.

  4. Does anyone else wonder if this was a subtle shot at Wentz?

    “I know none of that is even possible without playing well on the field, and being available on the field.”

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