Jimmy Smith not sweating his contract

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Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith is heading into the final year of his contract, but he’s not worrying about his future.

That’s going to play itself out,” Smith said. “The Ravens know I always want to be here, but whatever happens, happens. I know I can still play the game, so if I’m here, I’ll be obviously grateful. If not, I’ll continue my career somewhere else.”

Smith is due a $9.5 million base salary this season, and there was some talk that he could have been cut in a cost-saving move. Smith says he knew that was possible but was also confident it would work out.

“The Ravens know how much I love them, and I know how much the Ravens love me, and I went through some stuff. It could have easily gone both ways, so I’m excited and happy to still be here,” Smith said.

Smith will be 31 this season and says he has cleaned up his diet and is working hard at being the kind of player who can keep producing into his 30s. And perhaps the kind of player who can keep making good money into his 30s.

10 responses to “Jimmy Smith not sweating his contract

  1. Secondary will be the best in the league, Smith and Humphrey will again be dominant, Thomas will be a major upgrade over EW. Jefferson will be closer to to box to smack people around.
    They will give the young rushers time in the first half of the year to get upto speed. Top 5 D again

  2. They’re in a cap hell for the ages. They just refuse to unload pricey,overrated veterans and do it right.

    They held onto pricey Suggs and Weddle like idiots when they should have walked and loaded up on picks.

    Crabtree was another. Dumb.

  3. partmachine says:
    June 12, 2019 at 8:13 am
    Best secondary in the league. If they all stay healthy it’ll be the main reason we’re in the AFCCG.

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    Laughable. The Pats secondary and linebacking group is pure filth. You homers always claim something is the best in Baltimore and then you go 7-9 or 8-8.


  4. “ravens lost half their defense this offeseason and now their fans think they are going to the AFCCG and will have one of the best D’s in the league. lol”

    “They’re in a cap hell for the ages. They just refuse to unload pricey,overrated veterans and do it right.”

    I love the comments from the peanut gallery. Mosley was worthless against the pass and couldnt stop the run without Brandon Williams up front. Suggs and Weddle are both in their mid 30’s and half the player they were 8 years ago.

    as for Jimmy Smith, yes, the organization has stuck with him through injuries and suspensions, he is very lucky he gets to collect that $9million this year

  5. We upgraded, Suggs was done 2yrs. ago. Weddle was old and slow, Mosley couldn’t cover accept between the hashes, Jets way overpaid for a overrated player.

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