Joe Douglas: Todd McShay is a good friend, but we’re talking to a lot of people


New Jets General Manager Joe Douglas has confirmed talks with Todd McShay of ESPN about adding him to the team’s front office, but in comments today, Douglas suggested that McShay is just one of many people under consideration.

Douglas told reporters that he and McShay have been friends since they were freshmen in college and remain friends today, but that doesn’t mean a job is forthcoming.

“I’ve known Todd a long time, we’re friends and we’ve talked ever since we both got into the evaluation field,” Douglas said. “It would be great to work together, but those are just talks. Todd’s a good friend but we’re talking to a lot of people.”

McShay confirmed publicly that he was talking with Douglas, which may not have been the best way to get hired: NFL teams usually don’t like job candidates blabbing about their internal conversations. Douglas didn’t rule out hiring McShay, but he didn’t sound overly enthusiastic about the idea, either. It seems more likely that McShay will be with ESPN than with the Jets this season.