NFL immediately sought information on latest Ezekiel Elliott incident


The Cowboys are confident that last month’s incident between running back Ezekiel Elliott and a security guard at a Las Vegas music festival will result in no NFL punishment. Then again, the Cowboys were confident two years ago that Elliott would face no punishment for allegations made by a former girlfriend.

The reality is that, despite the flaws that affected the investigation and suspension of Elliott, his prior suspension puts him in position for heightened punishment if/when another Personal Conduct Policy violation happens. And the video of Elliott confronting, and possibly shoving, the security guard could amount to another Personal Conduct Policy violation.

So it’s no surprise, as reported by the Dallas Morning News, that the NFL immediately requested any and all information relevant to the incident from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Elliott was briefly detained and handcuffed after going face-to-face with 19-year-old Kyle Johnson, who either fell while backing away from Elliott or was pushed by Elliott — or both. The Personal Conduct Policy prohibits all forms of actual or threatened violence, and Elliott’s status as a prior offender could invite punishment, regardless of whether the 2017 suspension prompted a scorched-earth attack on Commissioner Roger Goodell, which included among other things the involvement of a now-fallen pizza mogul.