Nick Bosa anticipates being fully ready for start of season


There’s little doubt that San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa will be physically ready for the start of the NFL season. But with the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft having missed a chunk of the team’s offseason work due to a strained hamstring, he will have some catching up to do when the team takes the field to start training camp in July.

According to Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area, Bosa fully expects to be ready – mentally and physically – for the start of the regular season in September.

I think I’m going to be just fine,” Bosa said. “I’m going to get this hammy perfectly right and I think there will be plenty of time to play football and get the reps that I need.”

Bosa injured the hamstring during OTAs with the team three weeks ago. He missed the final handful of OTAs and has not been able to take in the team’s mini-camp that wraps up offseason work. He also missed most of his final year at Ohio State due to a sports hernia that required surgery.

“Injuries kind of come out of nowhere but I think I kind of prepared pretty well,” Bosa said. “It’s just, you can’t really simulate what football does to your body. And for me to jump in with almost a year of not playing, the body is kind of, “whoa, slow down.’”

Bosa expects that it will only take him a few weeks to make up the lost ground once training camp rolls around.

“Probably just a couple of weeks of practice just getting those reps over and over again,” Bosa said. “Obviously you can keep improving from there. And I’m missing a little of that now but I think camp will be plenty of time, and preseason.”