Ravens throwing a lot on the canvas as they build new offense


Offensive coordinator Greg Roman and other members of the Ravens offensive coaching staff were tasked with building an entirely new offense around quarterback Lamar Jackson this offseason.

Roman said starting from “square zero” was something that many of the coaches have always wanted to do and he checked in with an update on the “long process” on Wednesday. Roman said the team is happy with where they are right now, but that they are going to continue making adjustments as they see what does and doesn’t work.

“We get to throw a lot of things on that canvas,” Roman said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Test this out and say, ‘Eh, that might not be us,’ or, ‘Wow, that really is us.’ We’re really not competing against our defense as much as we’re competing against ourselves. We’re trying to get everybody prepared for training camp; that’s the goal. And I think we’re accomplishing that.”

The ultimate success or failure of the new approach will have a lot to do with Jackson and Roman said the 2018 first-round pick is taking “a step forward” every day of practice. The goal for training camp will be to have that continue at a rate that has the reworked offense ready to thrive come Week One.