Titans to retire Steve McNair’s No. 9, Eddie George’s No. 27

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The Tennessee Titans are retiring the numbers of two of the greatest players in team history.

Steve McNair’s No. 9 and Eddie George’s No. 27 will be retired this season, the team announced today.

McNair was the Houston Oilers’ first-round draft pick in 1995 and George was the Oilers’ first-round pick in 1996. The franchise moved to Tennessee in 1997, and McNair and George became the cornerstones of a team that would reach at least the divisional round of the playoffs four times in a five-year stretch, including the Super Bowl after the 1999 season.

George attended a press conference today at the Titans facility and talked about having a front-row seat to McNair growing up as a player. Early in his career McNair was loudly booed and dismissed by many as an athlete who didn’t have the passing ability to be a pro quarterback, but he eventually became the league MVP.

“I was here when Steve didn’t have the confidence to throw a five-yard out,” George said. “He was contemplating retiring because he wasn’t enjoying the game anymore. . . . In 2003, when it all came together for him, when Jeff Fisher announced who the MVP was, we all stood in this room and cheered for him for 10 minutes.”

McNair and George are the first two players who played primarily for the Titans to have their jerseys retired. Six players who played primarily for the Oilers have had their numbers retired by the franchise.

24 responses to “Titans to retire Steve McNair’s No. 9, Eddie George’s No. 27

  1. Two of the toughest players ever…a great honor, and borderline HOFers, especially George, who everyone knew was coming because McNair wasn’t much of a thrower…

  2. Loved watching both of them, great players, and both hard nosed and tough ad nails…..

  3. Eddie always had a bit of soft in him. Ray-Ray crushed his soul with many brutal hits and that bobbled catch/Int-return-for-TD in the 2000 AFC Divisional championship game

  4. I’m generally against retiring of numbers (one day you’ll run out of numbers!) but this is cool. I loved McNair growing up.

  5. I guess being “above average/solid/good” means you’re legendary nowadays.

  6. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Go Oilers!

    They already did — to Nashville.

  7. Loved both guys. But a franchise with ZERO Super Bowl victories now has 8 numbers retired?

  8. Funny that Earl Campbell’s jersey is retired in Tennessee when theres a good chance hes never even been there.

  9. Each week we looked forward to McNair and Eddie busting heads, playing crazy hard ball. Ray Lewis did have Eddies # but it was always a good game….

    RIP Air McNair…play on Eddie…and let’s not forget about the freak!!

    Dan McD Titans Fan day 1

  10. I’m not really a fan of retiring numbers. Neither of these players are all time greats. I understand the McNair situation is tough but retiring numbers of players that were very good but not great means nothing.

  11. At this rate, the Titans are running out of numbers. Denver, a much higher profile team that has three SB wins and started playing in 1960 has only retired 3 jersey numbers. Way to make it special, Tennesee.

  12. If I was in charge you’d have to drag me over hot coals even to retire Brady’s number – it’s just a silly shirt number (what makes it more unique is the name over it). And keeping it in use might inspire any subsequent player who wears the number if they dig that sort of thing.

  13. Sorry nflhistorybuff68 buy Mcnair was was not 1 of the toughest ever. For some reason leading in to the playoffs 1 year that was the narrative is McNabb and Mcnair being so tough. Thru the 10 years of his career he was the starter he only played all 16 games 5 times and only started all 16 games 4 times. That’s not tough. Tough would be playing when injured.
    As for hall of fame you contradict yourself. How can McNair be borderline if “he wasn’t much of a thrower”? As it is here’s some numbers for you 174 passing tds, 119 interceptions, 31.304 passing yards, 3,590 yards rushing, 37 rushing tds, 99 fumbles and a 91-62 record in the regular season 5-5 in the playoffs and he was all pro 2nd team once the same year he shared mvp with Peyton. That resume in no way at all says borderline hall of fame. That’s borderline hall of okay at best.

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