Calvin Johnson visits Falcons’ minicamp

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Calvin Johnson is in no mood to deal with the Lions, but other NFL teams he’s willing to visit.

Megatron is at the Falcons’ minicamp today, and he was seen on the field talking to owner Arthur Blank and head coach Dan Quinn.

Johnson was born and raised in the Atlanta area and went to college in Atlanta at Georgia Tech. He still has plenty of ties to the area, and those ties extend to the Falcons.

At the same time, Johnson has no remaining ties to the management of the Lions. Johnson said two weeks ago that he still resents the Lions forcing him to pay back a portion of his signing bonus when he retired, and until the Lions show him the money, he’s not going to be involved with the team he played his entire career for.

It appears that Johnson is now a Falcons fan, not a Lions fan.

18 responses to “Calvin Johnson visits Falcons’ minicamp

  1. Here is one thing I just don’t get. You got paid and you retired early and that was your deal, but the team can ask for that money back. Why should they pay you a contract and you keep a portion you didn’t earn. I get it he was a superstar but what gives. Now he’s mad at the Kats for getting it back.

  2. I think it’s pretty fair all around, the Lions get to keep their meangingless million dollars, and Megatron never makes an official appearance for them. I’m happy with it.

  3. If the Falcons paid him to make an appearance at their training camp, they better him every single penny or he will be mad at them for the rest of his life.

  4. I loved Megatron, the player, but please stop whining as a civilian.
    Retire, don’t retire, but details are clearly negotiated in your contract.
    If you have issues, take it up with your agent, not the Lions who paid you quite well during your career.
    I honestly don’t care if there’s ever a cordial relationship between Johnson or the club. Moving on.

  5. I always thought Calvin was a stand up guy. He wasn’t a deva, worked very hard and never ran off at the mouth. Heck, I own one of his jerseys, but this sure makes me wonder about him and his motivations.

  6. Johnson would have a lot more leverage if his time with the Lions was an era that the Lions wanted to remember. 2008-2015 were not exactly the golden years of Detroit Lions football.

  7. It’s a contract. In my world when someone leaves before fulfilling terms you are liable for upfront monies that were given upon signature. Loans, sign on cash, etc. In many cases a prorated clawback. But you can’t just sign things get money and not show up. We would all be bankrupt.

  8. It slays me how fans trash a player when they talk about contract disputes, retirement or otherwise; however, you rarely see the same fans complain about a team releasing a player that still has years and millions left on their contract.

    Megatron was for many years the only reason to watch the Lions. Sure he makes more than a guy on the auto assembly line, but he put people in the seats, resulting in income to the Lions way over what he was paid and the $1M now in dispute. The Lions should have let him keep the money.

  9. I was fooled. Never knew he was such a Diva.

    PS Don’t care. Lions certainly don’t need that energy around anyway.

  10. I wonder if he still has some gas in his tank, and may decide to put a Falcons jersey on one time. We all know the Lions team ran off both Barry Sanders and Megatron with their futility at football.

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