Dalvin Cook declares himself “healthy” and “able to be me”


In 2017, Vikings then-rookie running back Dalvin Cook conjured memories of Adrian Peterson, with more than 400 yards from scrimmage in the first four games of the season. But then came a non-contact ACL tear and there went Cook’s rookie year.

Cook struggled to get and stay healthy in 2018, with a hamstring injury limiting him to 11 total games — and only 930 yards from scrimmage.

After conclusion of the offseason program, Cook has high hopes for 2019.

I’m healthy,” Cook said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I was able to be me [during the offseason program], fly around and be Dalvin. That’s why it went smooth. Now, I’m back having fun.”

Part of the fun is having a new system that embraces the running game.

“The system is set up for us to be great, and we’ve got to go be great,” Cook said. “The system is set up for us. We’ve got to go take care of business. We’re going to see in a couple of months.”

When Cook was injured in 2017, Latavius Murray stepped in and filled the void. Murray is now gone, and if the depth behind Cook carries question marks, from veteran Ameer Abdullah to youngsters Mike Boone and Roc Thomas to rookie Alexander Mattison. If Cook can stay healthy, he can be special — and that can fuel Minnesota’s offense, allowing for quarterback Kirk Cousins to use play-action passes to take advantage of a great group of pass catchers.

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  1. In 2017, Vikings then-rookie running back Dalvin Cook conjured memories of Adrian Peterson

    He did? After only 4 games? I guess some people are very easily impressed!

  2. Sadly, this is spoken in Vikings speak.

    It translates to:

    “I’ll be hurt by game three and watching my team go 6-10 this year.”

  3. He could be the catalyst for a fantasy football c’ship in 2019 given his current ADP.

  4. As much as I recognize the kids talent, he needs to show more. There are all kinds of reasons,injuries, oline play, play calling etc. but still he had only a short stretch where he produced. This is year 3 and he needs to bring it or risk being one of those draft picks with lots of potential but who just don’t pan out. I like the kid and hope he makes it but he needs to get out there and bring it for the whole season (and hopefully post season). Running backs are no longer considered hard to replace so get it done!

  5. He’s never reminded anyone in Minnesota of Adrian Peterson. He’s got break away speed, but AP was a freak of nature at running back. A once in a generation type of talent at the position like Barry Sanders or Emmit Smith and LT. To say Cook is anything in the category of Peterson is ridiculous.

  6. Hope he stays healthy and doesn’t become the Sean Lee in football! Amazing talent and fast but can he play a full season?

  7. Never draft one in the first. You can get one just as good in the third. And then it doesn’t hurt as much when they turn into an injury bust.

  8. Cook staying healthy is a huge if. Reminds me of Billy Simms. When he was healthy just incredible. But he suffered from leg & hamstring problems which cut every season & his career short. I personally don’t feel that Cook will be healthy all year. Or he will light it up all season & then get hurt for the playoffs like Gurley & be worthless. The Vikings didn’t do enough to address the backup/2nd RB situation & loosing Murray was a huge blow. They also did nothing to address DT.

    If Cook can stay healthy. Watch out. The Vikings will easily cruise into the playoffs. If he continues his career path though. He will be injured by game 7 & done.

  9. In 2017, Vikings then-rookie running back Dalvin Cook conjured memories of Adrian Peterson.

    Peterson is a genetic anomaly that could single handily destroy a defense. Cook is not comparable to Peterson.

  10. “The system is set up for us. We’ve got to go take care of business. We’re going to see in a couple of months.”

    That right there is one of the smartest comments I’ve seen from a young player in a long time. No predictions, no goofy guarantees, just common sense.

  11. Liberalsruineverything says:
    June 13, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    That zone blocking with Cooks unmatched acceleration will be fun to watch.

    First of all, the zone blocking scheme requires nimble, athletic linemen.
    The Vikings haven’t even Ben shown that theirs can even block the men in front of them.
    And as far as unmatched acceleration, Cook ran a 4.5 forty, and that was before his knee injury.
    No, I’m sure his acceleration is quite matched, as well as exceeded throughout the league.

  12. So it was interesting — and heartening, for a Vikings fan — to see this nugget tweeted Tuesday by Randall Liu of NFL Communications: “Dalvin Cook recorded 2 of the top 3 fastest max speeds by a RB in Week 1 reaching top speeds of: 20.45 MPH 19.98 MPH.”

    That jibes with a tweet from April — between the combine and the draft — from Bleacher Report’s Marcus Mosher: “According to Sports Science, Cook has the second fastest top speed of any RB they’ve tested in the past five years.”

    It speaks to his burst and high-end speed, which are critical in gaining separation, turning a corner and other things that happen on a football field as opposed to running in a straight line with no pads

  13. Dalvin is the kind of guy that gets up after every run to see if any appendages have fallen off. The Vikings better be careful not to breathe on him too hard.

  14. conormacleod says:
    June 14, 2019 at 1:19 pm
    Didn’t Cook have the highest speed clocked of any runner with the ball last year on a 70 yard run?
    Doubtful. Did Dalvin Cook even have 70 yards last season???

  15. Personally I believe Dalvin deserves some credit for keeping his nose clean since he entered the NFL.
    I know several teams took Cook off their draft boards because of his extensive unsavory past.

  16. Next Gen Stats


    Welcome back, Dalvin Cook!@dalvincook reached a top speed of 22.07 MPH on his 70-yard run in the 2nd quarter against the Lions.

    This is now the fastest speed reached by a ball carrier this season.#DETvsMIN #Skol

    This acceleration for the uninformed.

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