Jets WR Shawn Jefferson impressed by “everything” about Sam Darnold


Shawn Jefferson isn’t going to be catching passes from Sam Darnold this season, but the former NFL wideout and current Jets wide receivers coach sounds like he’d love to be a target for the quarterback’s passes.

Jefferson spoke to reporters from the Jets’ facility on Thursday and he was asked to give his assessment of Darnold’s skills. His response made it clear that he’s fond of the second-year player.

“Excuse my French when I say say this, but he’s a f—–g dude,” Jefferson said, via “He’s a f—–g dude with a f—–g arm and he’s accurate as s–t. So excuse that.”

That kind of language has been employed by plenty of people around the Jets in the past, but rarely to express positive feelings about the team or its players. Jefferson was able to elaborate on what he likes about Darnold without working blue.

“It’s everything,” Jefferson said. “The way that he works – he’s here early in the morning, he stays after, he probably doesn’t leave this building until six, seven at night. He’s in the old quarterback room. I’ve been so impressed with this kids work ethic and the way he attacks everything. It’s just been awesome to see a young kid like that. It’s almost like he’s been here before. He’s a young guy, but he has a lot of veteran attributes to him.”

Darnold’s had a lot of people give him positive reviews over the last couple of years. Few have been as effusive as Jefferson’s and a big second season may make his opinions the prevailing ones.