Lions trading tight end Michael Roberts to Patriots

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The Patriots and Lions are trading again, with Detroit offering some tight end depth.

According to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, the Lions are trading tight end Michael Roberts to New England in exchange for a future late-round draft pick.

Roberts might not have made the roster in Detroit, after the Lions used a first-round pick on T.J. Hockenson and signed Jesse James and Logan Thomas in free agency.

He might not make the roster in New England either, but the path is clearer, after the retirement of Rob Gronkowski and the recent release of Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and the suspension which will take Benjamin Watson out of the first four games.

Roberts was a fourth-round pick in 2017. He finished last year on injured reserve after a shoulder injury.

The Patriots and Lions have sent a number of players back and forth, with Lions General Manager Bob Quinn tapping into his connections in New England to trade players and picks often.

15 responses to “Lions trading tight end Michael Roberts to Patriots

  1. bronc24 says:
    June 13, 2019 at 9:23 am

    Are the Patriots in near crisis mode regarding Tight Ends ???
    No. The Pats will design an offense that best utilizes the talent they have.

  2. He will probably turn into an All-Pro. Bob Quinn thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in the room by 1/2. This year’s pick of Tavai (and 2017 2nd rd pick Teez Tabor) will prove to be yet another BQ mistake.

  3. Long time Lions Fan here. While I’m afraid that Quin is giving away another gift to the Pats (see Kyle Von Noy), I am no fan of Roberts. Big body but runs bad routes and can’t get separation. Had one good game last year.

  4. im sure he will be given the time honored patriot tradition on how to, as a TE, to push, and then whine like a little girl when continually caught, or maybe cheap shot someone in the back when you cant get by even with the rules all tilted in your and your qb’s way for the last few years….

  5. I’m excited to see what he can do on a good team with great coaching….. the compensation is minimal no matter the outcome…..
    Hopefully he comes on strong!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  6. let’s face it, Roberts, like Ebron before him, could never get out of his own way;

    his rank unprofessional brhaviour what cost him a team-imposed game suspension pretty much sealed his fate here;

    and i am not at all fooled by Ebron putting in a purported all-pro year simply because he was the only WR on the club;

    i saw him drop crucial drive-sustaining balls over the middle in the playoffs that cost the Colts any chance to advance;

    just about any TE can catch balls in the corner of the end with only an official and a cameraman covering him on one side—even Roberts, if he can stay on the field long enough;

    hope Roberts is ready to work because NE run the same boot camp Detroit do, and that’s exactly why NE wanted nothing to do with Ebron before or after he was cut by Detroit, hence the requirement to give up two no.1s to get Gronkowski last summer;

    now the Colts have legitimate WRs meaning Ebron won’t see near so many balls, he will go back to the sulking overgrown petulant child he always was;

  7. Are the Patriots in near crisis mode regarding Tight Ends ???
    when’s during the past 40 years has anyone seen BB in crisis mode? running out of ring fingers maybe?

  8. ibillwt says:
    June 13, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Are the Patriots in near crisis mode regarding Tight Ends ???
    Long way to go before the season starts, and lots of moves can still be made after that.

  9. bronc24 says:
    June 13, 2019 at 9:23 am
    Are the Patriots in near crisis mode regarding Tight Ends ???

    Absolutely. Gather up everything you’ve got and bet it all against them.
    Do it.
    Dooooo it.

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