Todd McShay removes name from consideration with the Jets

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We’ll call it the Mike Mayock effect, and it could help plenty of media personalities and their agents make plenty of money in the coming years.

Although the former NFL Network draft expert wasn’t hoping to do anything other than get a job putting into practice the things he had spent 15 years preaching when he became the G.M. of the Raiders, smart agents have seized on Mayock’s example as a way to get their clients better deals, or at a minimum to infuse them with added credibility.

Case in point: ESPN’s Todd McShay affirmatively disclosed that he was under consideration for a job in the Jets’ front office. McShay (represented by CAA) would have been hired by G.M. Joe Douglas (also represented by CAA) to work with coach Adam Gase (also represented by CAA). But McShay, as one source with knowledge of the situation previously explained it to PFT, was never a serious candidate for the job. And now, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, McShay has withdrawn his name from consideration for a job with the Jets.

So Douglas, who also played college football at Richmond with McShay, gave McShay an interview, McShay removed himself from consideration, McShay added the fact that he was under consideration to his broader resume, and McShay potentially has positioned himself for a better deal at ESPN.

Look for this kind of thing to continue, with TV personalities and their agents floating embellished or exaggerated rumors of candidacy for NFL jobs. It give the TV personalities added credibility and leverage at no cost. Mayock’s ability to parlay his spot at NFL Network into a G.M. job with the Raiders makes it all plausible, regardless of whether for some of the TV personalities none of it is what it seems to be.

11 responses to “Todd McShay removes name from consideration with the Jets

  1. Mike Mayock went from the TV set to the Raiders’ front office and immediately had the best draft out of the entire NFL. Now everyone thinks anyone can do it. I like McShay, but let’s not get carried away. Mayock is the best.

  2. “Removed himself from consideration” A.K.A. Blabbed to the media immediately after talking to Joe Douglas about a potential job, proving he can’t be trusted in the front office.

  3. What’s so special about the guys who are running teams now? They average 50/50 success on first round picks and 33% when they get to the third round. Most of them end up screwing up their cap situation. Does it take special skills or experience to achieve those results?

  4. It’s not as if either of these guys is Mel Kiper. Both played the game. Mayock played at BC. McShay is actually a friend of Barstool’s Portnoy and that must drive Goodell crazy.

  5. Translation options:

    1) Todd was never going to get that job so he “took his name out of consideration” so he didnt look like he got beat out fo rit.

    2) Todd was never a seriosu candidate for the job. He just floated his name out there and his buddy Joe D. played along to help get him a raise.

  6. Todd McShay appeared to really want a position with the Jets organization and was excited at the prospect of joining the front office in some capacity and leaving ESPN. It had to be a real disappointment to learn he really wasn’t being considered at all. Just a token nod because of agency that represents McShay also represents many in the Jets organization. I’m sure it was the agency who floated that rumor.

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