Can Patriots salvage their relationship with Nick Caserio?

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By all accounts, the Texans wanted Nick Caserio and Nick Caserio wanted the Texans. Now that the Texans have agreed to abandon their pursuit of Caserio, the question becomes whether he wants to stay with the Patriots.

Contractually, he has no choice. But if he decided that he wants to leave New England and if New England has kept him from leaving, the relationship could be fractured, irreparably.

And that door potentially swings both ways. Caserio may now be counting the days until he can leave, and the Patriots may begin to implement a strategy for eventually replacing him, on their terms and not on someone else’s.

Regardless of how it plays out, it bears paying attention to the dynamic between Caserio and the Patriots. Despite an 18-year history, the clock may now be ticking toward an eventual divorce.

44 responses to “Can Patriots salvage their relationship with Nick Caserio?

  1. He wanted more money and responsibility, and I’m willing to bet the Pats give it to him to smooth things over

  2. By all accounts, the Texans wanted Nick Caserio and Nick Caserio wanted the Texans.
    By all accounts? Are these the same “by all accounts” that said Brady and BB couldn’t work together just before they embarked on yet another SB winning season?

  3. He has nothing to do with them winning championships. This is a non story

  4. That’s kind of a stretch. What sources do you have that says there’s any problem with their relationship? The Texans asked to interview, and they can’t. I’m sure Nick is aware of that clause in his own contract.

  5. If Caserio wants the Texans, and they want him then the 2 teams will work out a trade. If the Texans want something that does not belong to them, they have to pay for it.

  6. It’s still not at all clear what the dynamic is between Nick and the Pats. I’d lay off the supposition until more facts are in. I’d be a little shocked if Nick’s not there for the (further) long term.

  7. He was offered the moon..

    BB May let him go early, but I don’t see how it can be this year.

    Caserio painted himself into a corner.

  8. That’s a big leap with no evidence. Not sure Casario wanted out to go to Houston. I find it difficult to believe that the Pats would stop him if he wanted to go.

  9. How can you say cascerio wanted the texans job when his contract (which he signed) says he cannot?? Do you realy think he didn’t know his contract ????

  10. They would have to be very petty to be mad at the guy for looking to possibly take a promotion, which is what seemingly everyone who works in an NFL front office dreams of achieving one day.

  11. Caserio signed the contract, how is this possibly cheating?’s not like they tanked an entire season to snag Andrew Luck! now that is big time cheating.

  12. I guess now that Kraft can’t go to The Golden Hand anymore, he’s left to screwing his employees at Foxboro.

  13. Or maybe they have him a raise and told him how great he was. Oh wait, that doesn’t sell

  14. How can that clause be enforcable?
    The NFL should not allow a team to prevent a person from interviewing for a promotion.
    If the NFL rule is a team can block a lateral move, fine, but it does allow moves for promotions.

    Whats to prevent every team from requiring this? Then you will never have anyone getting a promotion until after their contract is up, and why would you want to take that risk.

  15. He had a choice. It was a choice he made when he signed his current contract that committed him through the 2020 season. Assuming he wanted to leave….and that is BIG assumption, what makes you think he would be a problem. He was seen, as usual, being very active coaching WR’s during OTA’s. If he really had one foot out of the door as you SPECULATE, that wouldn’t have been the case.

  16. Last year Cesario did not want to go. I think this contract clause went in after that saga and probably had money attached to it.

  17. Caserio has been Belichick’s right hand man for years. He’s been groomed as the successor for Belichick the whole time. I’m sure he knows what was in his contract when he signed it. There’s no fixing that needs to be done between them, that’s an absurd statement. He’s already practically the GM in new england as it is and has been the driving force behind several of their recent trade acquisitions.

  18. How dare they protect themselves with contract language, those cheaters 😳

  19. Money heals all wounds. I’m sure they will agree to up his pay a bit and he will he grinning ear to ear. People need to realize the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere. Scott Pioli and many others have moved on. There aren’t many places that I can goto and move up in the same place for 18 years. It’s all ego to these guys.

  20. Belichick always had a plan. The plans do not work every time, but his track record of success is envied by his contemporaries, as well as all who came before him, and all who will follow.

    As far as Casserio and the Texans are concerned, simply offer the Pats appropriate draft pick compensation and he is on his way to Texas.

    The Texans first and second round pick in the 2020 draft would work.

  21. If Nick Caserio did not know of the contract provision that prevented him from leaving he is not much of a GM. More likely, he is the one that told the Pats about what the Texans were trying to do in which case their relationship is fine.

  22. The cheater evidently was Caserio.

    He had to know what his contract was. He should have let the Pats know of the illicit contact by the Texans, but didn’t, compounding the problem.

  23. That is a clause that should be scrutinized going forward but obviously Caserio didn’t feel that strongly about it when he was hired.

  24. BB has a life long rep for dealing fair and square. By all accounts Casario is a man too. They will eventually go their separate ways on acceptable terms with mutual respect.

  25. Another report of impending disaster and discord in New England. What a surprise…

  26. I wonder if the Patriots got to renovate the stadium for another banner? Pretty soon Brady is going to have to have a hand added. Might look funny but you do what you have to do.

  27. mikespillane337 says:
    June 15, 2019 at 7:33 pm
    I wonder if the Patriots got to renovate the stadium for another banner? Pretty soon Brady is going to have to have a hand added. Might look funny but you do what you have to do.

    Super Bowl toe rings……

  28. This story is all about maybe. Maybe he wanted to leave? Maybe he is now mad? Maybe he is counting the days? Then again, maybe he didn’t want to leave at all? Maybe he didn’t want to interview at all? Maybe he is thankful that the Patriots stepped in and prevented the interview so he didn’t have to refuse another job he didn’t want?

  29. Glad you found some “on the record” quotes to support the idea Caserio wants to go to Houston.
    As a future GM I’m pretty sure he’d know what’s in his contract……. ’cause if he didn’t you might not want him negotiating contracts with players……..

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