Jalen Ramsey: No discounts for Jaguars in next contract

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Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has already acknowledged he’s not getting a new contract from the Jaguars this year.

And that apparent hardball tactic has made him set his sights a little higher when it’s time to talk money.

In an Instagram Live video with teammate Leonard Fournette, an animated Ramsey made it clear he wasn’t giving the Jaguars any breaks in future negotiations.

“Next year, especially after I ball, they’re going to come to me ‘Hey, you know, we want to holler at you,” Ramsey said, and then whistles. “That number is going to be so ungodly. … They’re going to say, ‘Oh god, can’t we get a little discount, 20 percent off?'”

That was followed by some aggressive head-shaking.

“I’m going to tell them last year you could have gotten that discount,” Ramsey said. “This year, (more head shakes). I’m going to need all of that.”

The Jaguars have picked up the fifth-year option for Ramsey’s rookie deal, which covers 2020. But the stage has been set for what will be an expensive negotiation regardless.

18 responses to “Jalen Ramsey: No discounts for Jaguars in next contract

  1. The dude wants to go to LA and play with his boy Derwin. He’s already said as much.

  2. I don’t blame Ramsey. He is right. If the Jags wanted a discount, they could have resigned him last year. Now they have to pay market value if they want to sign him after this season. You bet the Jags would ask him to take a pay cut or just cut him if wasn’t playing up to level.

  3. Jalen is right on—–at this point a lower contract would be advantageous for him taking injury risk into account, but if he plays for 2 years and remains healthy and productive then he should get a higher contract. In 2 years there will be no reason to give a discount and he will also have the benefit of inflated salaries at his position. It is all about the money—owners and players alike.

  4. It’s easy to hate this dude, but that video was actually pretty funny.

  5. so often a DB value is directly connected to the DL. Of course his plan is to be paid the highest paid CB on the best team in the league but if he takes all that money he is on a bad team look for him to become a bigger headache than he already is.

  6. These young guys PAY for a agent…to negotiate a great contract and do the leg work to get a GREAT contract. Why on earth do players TALK about their business in public? I don’t get it. It only hurt them and their bottom line.

  7. The best thing for him to do is to not make public statements like this and instead have a great year. Then teams will line up to pay him.

    Have a great year = get paid a lot

    No need to vent frustration.

  8. I agree that he has earned a contract comparable to that of the top players at his position. I don’t blame him for not giving the Jags a discount next season…at all…but…he just makes himself look like such an ignorant moron every single time he posts on IG/Twitter. Let your agent handle this!!

  9. Said of Josh Allen, “He Trash”…Allen proceeded to rip him a new one in Buffalo last season. He’s got Josh Norman written all over him, Not Darelle Revis.

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