Jarvis Landry on offense: A lot to learn, it takes some time

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A report on Thursday indicated that the Browns’ transition to offensive coordinator Todd Monken has not gone as well as hoped and that head coach Freddie Kitchens has been playing a bigger role in installing the offense than anticipated.

It’s unclear how big a role Kitchens was expected to play, but it stands to reason that he was always going to be involved given the fact that he’ll be calling the plays in Cleveland this year. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry was asked about the report on Friday and he didn’t dispute Kitchens’s involvement or the fact that some things haven’t gone smoothly, but he didn’t make it sound like Monken was in over his head.

“I have no idea about that,” Landry said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. “Freddie has done a great job of monitoring, stepping in when he needs to step in. Todd continues to teach us the way — every guy is different as far as learning so continues to try to teach us. We kinda go from there. It’s a new offense. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot of moving parts. It takes some time, not everything goes smoothly.”

Reports of difficult patches during offseason installation will only be remembered if the Browns offense fails to ignite this September and the team has all of training camp to work toward making sure that doesn’t happen.

5 responses to “Jarvis Landry on offense: A lot to learn, it takes some time

  1. The problem is these constant over-dramatic headlines posing as some bombshell report. So our coach (last year’s OC) is involved in the offense. Sounds pretty normal to me. Means nothing at this point as far as something being “wrong” with the team. I guess that’s the age we live in, always has to be some angle to find drama. I’m amazed that more players and coaches don’t lose it with silly questions.

  2. Why are they installing a new offense when Kitchens was the OC last year and promoted from within the organization?

  3. This is why I said the Browns won’t be as good of a team as a lot of these so-called experts are predicting, they installed a new system and anytime a team does that there’s a big learning curve! They should have stayed with Williams at HC and kept Kitchens as the OC since they seemed to be on the right track, but NO they had to change everything!

  4. Steve, Williams as a HC would have been a terrible mistake. Hes very old school. The game has changed, a lot, since he was in his heyday. The fact that multiple defenders have come out publically after he is gone and said their abilities were ” limited” by Williams’ coaching should be all you needed to hear to know he wasnt the right choice

  5. They’re installing a new offense because last years offense was Hue Jackson’s and Todd Haley’s system not Kitchens’.

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