Mike Tomlin: Can’t judge chemistry or culture until faced with adversity


A running theme of comments from Steelers players this offseason was that the team had eradicated the drama that enveloped it last season.

Trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders and watching Le'Veon Bell leave as a free agent certainly changed the mix in Pittsburgh, but head coach Mike Tomlin sounded less sure about how lasting the change will turn out to be. He pointed out that it’s a bit easier to be on the same page this time of year than it is in the months to come.

“You can’t judge chemistry or culture until you’re faced with adversity,” Tomlin said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “At this time of the year all 32 teams are undefeated and unscored upon. There was some good teaching and learning. The journey itself is the indicator of that, some of the adversity the journey provides. Obviously, when you’re in a training camp-like setting, and it’s highly competitive and physically and mentally challenging, that will be the first real adversity this team sees.”

In addition to finding out if the newfound harmony survives rough patches, the Steelers still have to find out whether their new makeup will lead to better results on the field. If it doesn’t, it’s hard to imagine too many people will be crowing about the team’s culture come December.

15 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Can’t judge chemistry or culture until faced with adversity

  1. Getting rid of Bell & Bryant & Brown will make this team worse on paper but much better as a team. It will be like a breath of fresh air when they come into work & no longer have to see them anymore. Like a breakup with a person when you constantly fight. Sure you miss them but you are much,much better off & the weight on your shoulders is lifted.

  2. It is MT’s year of reckoning, let’s see if the coach can dig deep and be a better strategist with the pieces he has. Tick tock.

  3. That’s rich! Trippin’ Tomlin has allowed the Steelers to become a laughingstock by encouraging a soap opera culture. Larry quit on the team before their biggest game of the year, Curly decided to sit out a year and lost millions in the process, now it’s just Moe, the ringleader of the circus…

  4. “You can’t judge chemistry or culture until you’re faced with adversity” Trip Tomlin.
    Adversity? Even in years when Pitt were winning the AFCN they were a hot corrosive mess.

  5. Coach when you say adversity do you mean like staring at a jumbotron while a play is under review, that play being over-turned, not having another play ready to go, immediately turning the ball over, ultimately losing the game, and in turn losing homefield advantage thru the playoffs?

    That kind of adversity?

  6. True words. I hate seeing AB, and Bell go but the problem here is, both players were acting like they were above the team and they aren’t. We won 2 superbowls without AB and Bell but more importantly because their was a team chemistry. Can this year’s team achieve that, only time will tell but adversity is what truly shows the mettle of any human. Right now is where the relationships are built and this team is showing they are on their way to building a team that can show resolve when that adversity hits.

  7. Steelers faced plenty of adversity last year and lost the division. They ended up on their knees, begging the Browns to pull off a last second miracle so they could slither back in. Division championships are something you earn, not something that a rival does for you because your so-called best receiver fumbled away the season against New Orleans.

  8. Crazy Eyes Tomlin is way over rated. His team has had big time chemistry problems and it all revolves around the big lug Ben.

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