Report: Texans will not hire a G.M.

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The Texans’ General Manager’s office will remain vacant.

After trying and failing to lure Nick Caserio from New England, the Texans have decided not to hire anyone at all, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Instead, head coach Bill O’Brien will team up with Executive Vice President of Team Development Jack Easterby to handle the personnel duties, in consultation with the Texans’ scouting department.

That means O’Brien is getting a firmer grip on power within the franchise, and Easterby’s rise up the ranks continues. Easterby just got hired this year but has already acquired significant power in the organization.

It’s unclear whether the Texans will hire a new G.M. before free agency next year. It seems likely that if this year goes well, Texans CEO Cal McNair will figure O’Brien and Easterby have earned personnel authority on a permanent basis. If this year goes poorly, a new G.M. is likely to come in — and then questions will be raised about what that new G.M. thinks of O’Brien and Easterby.

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  1. This sounds similar to what Seattle’s doing with Carroll and Schneider. John was an up and comer when Seattle hired him, but Carroll is the one that really calls the shots.

  2. Hell, we all know how its going to go; their gonaa finish in last place, fire O’Brien after they hire a new GM, then he will get his coach in there. Cal McNair looks like a complete doofus firing Gaine now. What a joke of a franchise!

  3. This has collapse written all over it. Why does O’Brien get all that s praise. Texans have underachieved during his tenure.

  4. Hire a GM or save a bundle and just buy a mirror. The source of the problem remains the same.
    “Mirror, Mirror who’s at fault?…Wait, what?, that can’t be right? What do you mean, me? Well, we’ll see about that! I’ll have your job! Oh wait…”

  5. Give a coach that should have been fired 2 years ago practically absolute power. What’s the worst than can happen? It’s starting to get really tough rooting for this team…

  6. To Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins,

    Do not sign extensions. Time to consider your next team to play for.

  7. If they thought O’Brien was that capable why did they spend the past two offseasons chasing after Caserio? They look absolutely clueless.

  8. I think people are missing what a slithery snake Easterby is looking like, just hired and already has such clout to be an interim GM os sorts? Something is not right there. Yeah, OB is power mongering, but there is something fishy with this Easterby character as well

  9. Don’t give “this Easterby character” a lot of credit. He was only the Team Chaplain for the Patriots and a feel-good guy for the players to talk to. He doesn’t have any GM chops. I don’t know what his role is in Houston but practically on day 1 he was hit with NFL tampering charges.

    This is ALL about O’Brien seizing Belichick-type power in Houston, likely to the detriment of the team. It will end badly and the Texans will supplant the Jags at the bottom of the AFC South heap.

  10. Bagoon Stevens says: ..people are missing what a slithery snake Easterby is looking like..
    Exactly. Let’s not forget when Easterby left NE he reportedly claimed his character coach job was undermined by Kraft’s spa incident, but now he’s a low-character as a tamper agent!

  11. Cal McNair is as dumb as his father. That’s why the Texans will continue to be a second rate franchise.

  12. No GM…How the heck do they get Clowney signed? I’m not sure when these organizations are going to realize that just because you worked under Bill Belicheck for years doesn’t mean these guys are BB. More often than not they are guys who get promoted way too early with the hiring team hoping some of BB’s magic follows. What you get is a coach way over his head with an out-sized ego because they’re aware how little they know will be exposed once anyone questions them. Bill O’Brian doesn’t have a 30 year track record of success to justify him being de-facto GM.

  13. Could we at least hire someone to watch the clock? I’ll do it for $25 bucks a game and a beer!

  14. Bill O’Brien is going to get fired after this season.

    Apparently that GM was a real donkey but after this season flops he won’t have anyone to throw under the bus.

  15. I’m guessing they’ll go into this year with what they have & when Caserio is free at end of season, he will be hired for the position.
    Just wondering what FPA is thinking since they interviewed 2 minority candidates & now are saying they are good without a GM

  16. easterby is a preacher and must be a good one or BB would not have kept him around. but what’s a preacher know about player evaluation?

  17. I’d love to blame all this on the Patriots, but… My daughter-in-law, a Texans fan, likely will not like the results of all this… Looks like Titans (maybe my Aggie home boy will see the playoffs at last!) or Colts will rule the AFC South roost this year….

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