Chuck Foreman impressed with Vikings running backs


Vikings running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu invited former Vikings running back Chuck Foreman to speak to the team’s backs over dinner this week.

Foreman, a first-round pick of the Vikings in 1973, played eight NFL seasons and made five Pro Bowls. He ended his career with 5,950 rushing yards and 53 rushing touchdowns.

Foreman reminded the team’s current running backs that it’s a “short-term gig” and relayed advice he got from Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

“He said one thing a running back has to know is when to go down,’’ Foreman said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “And that’s not to quit. But when you can’t go any further, you got to go down and come back another play. When it’s third-and-one, that’s different. But when you’re out the field and you got 10 guys coming at you, it’s time to go down.”

The Vikings have a talented group of backs with Dalvin Cook, Ameer Abdullah, third-round pick Alexander Mattison, Mike Boone and Roc Thomas. C.J. Ham and Khari Blasingame are competing for the fullback job.

“This might be the best group of running backs from top to bottom that the Vikings ever have had in my opinion,’’ Foreman said. “I don’t know who they’re going to keep, but what I do know is all of them are NFL material.’’

Cook tore an ACL in the fourth game of his rookie season and missed five games last year with hamstring issues. Foreman had a frank talk with the former second-round choice.

“I said [to Cook], ‘Man, it’s time for you to go the whole next level,’’’ Foreman said. “I asked him if he was ready for that and he said, ‘Yeah, I’ve been ready. It’s just that I’ve had some bad breaks.’’’

17 responses to “Chuck Foreman impressed with Vikings running backs

  1. Chuck was the man. Before he got to Minnesota they were a team with a great defense and and an offense without an identity. As good as Fran was, they just didn’t have a good running game. Once he got there they went to 3 super bowls in 4 years. He was everything for that offense.

  2. Number 44 was a man with wings. You could tell in the preseason his rookie year he was something special. That’s back when they had 6 games and everybody played.

  3. “But when you’re out the field and you got 10 guys coming at you, it’s time to go down.”

    Also the great Mike Zimmer’s philosophy for 2018. The secret to success for Middling Class organizations.

  4. I can’t say he’s right. Doesn’t say he visited any other teams. Sounds like he was stuck in Minnesota and had not choice but to compliment the because they let him speak.

  5. I have met Chuck on several occasions and he’s about the nicest guy you can find. Friendly, humble and easy to talk to. He’s a great representative for the Vikings.

    Time for Cook to have a healthy and productive year.

  6. The fake Bears fan is talking about classes of organizations. I will play along fake. The Bears have one of the worst owners in the NFL with the McCaskey family.
    Chuck Foreman was a great back the only thing he lacked was breakaway speed.

  7. Dalvin Cook has already shown the NFL what he can do when healthy. I look forward to watching him play under the new system. He will be getting the call again this year a few times.

  8. ZebraThrowsFlagGreatCall says:
    June 15, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    Before reading the article, I thought Chuck Foreman was an old school football player name by just hearing it. I don’t know a thing about the man but gosh…


    I’m not sure and it seems neither are you. If you think old school players haven’t learned a lesson during and after their career that’s on you. I can say without any doubt in my mind I wish Adrian Peterson went down and didn’t cost the Vikings very important games by fumbling trying to gain a yard that was not a goal-line TD or last resort…

  9. The man could spin, block, burst, and catch passes. I remember when he was drafted the talking heads all said, “This guy is special. The Vikings got a good one”.

  10. He was West Coast before there was “West Coast”. The guy did it all. His hands were second to none, and he could catch anything out of the backfield, along with being a great and elusive runner. He was Roger Craig before Roger Craig. And a much more crafty runner.

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