Alvin Kamara wonders what else he can do for Saints


Over his first two NFL seasons, Saints running back Alvin Kamara has shown the ability to do a lot of different things.

He’s run for 1,611 yards while averaging over five yards a carry, caught 162 passes for 1,535 yards, scored 31 offensive touchdowns and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Kamara said that it may look like it was easy to put up those numbers, but there were times when he “didn’t know what was going on” as he grew comfortable in the NFL.

Those times are fewer and farther between as he moves into his third season and that’s left Kamara asking several questions. All of them are centered around figuring out more ways to impact the game.

“I’m so anxious to see like, ‘What else?’ You know what I’m saying? What else could I do? Where else could I line up? How else could I be successful? That’s the best part of this profession for me,” Kamara said, via the Lafayette Daily Advertiser. “What’s the next step you’re going to take? ‘Ok, he was good last year. How are you going to prove that you are what you are?'”

The answer to those questions is likely tied to the departure of Mark Ingram. The Saints signed Latavius Murray in free agency, but it seems like a good bet that he’ll be No. 2 behind Kamara rather than play the same kind of co-lead back role that Ingram played in New Orleans.

If so, Kamara should be doing some of everything as the Saints try for another big year on offense.

24 responses to “Alvin Kamara wonders what else he can do for Saints

  1. A great run/catch/return triple-threat, but loss of Ingram will let teams key onto him more.

  2. This guy is a mad good PPR RB the only knock I have against him is I don’t think he as a pure of a workhorse runner as guys like Saquon, Zeke, TG, so a guy like Ingram or Murray is good for him as being a full timer could ware down his more smallish frame. Don’t get me wrong he killed it during Ingram’s suspension last year but I’m doubtful he could take a bellcow pounding over a course of an entire season. At any rate would be thrilled to draft him at the 3 or 4 spot

  3. Saints fixed what wasn’t broke. Should have kept Ingram and kept that one-two punch. Instead,they,like most teams will end up throwing the same money around, just to his replacement and someone else who won’t pay off,rather than pay the horse that “brung them”. Kamara/Ingram each had a unique role, one that kept him fresh and healthy and other teams wondering what was next. Teams waste money, then suddenly decide they they can’t spend it, lose a good player, then spend money again…dummies…

  4. Start by controlling the urge to speculate how Saints would have and could have beaten the eventual SB champions the last two years!

  5. With Murray backing up Kamara the speed in the saints backfield is crazy good. If Kamara is looking for something else to do, maybe wildcat offense?

  6. Just stay healthy and continue to make plays on his usual 15 touches per game.

    Hopefully Murray will play the Ingram role and limit Kamara’s touches.

  7. The team only talks about the missed call when asked. The fans are the ones who still talk about it, but even that has slowed down immensely since after the draft. So, that’s an overblown narrative.

  8. To the person above, Kamara ran a kick and a punt back! Also, to the person who commented about the grill and nosering, you must be a Panthers fan!
    I would like to see him not wear the gold shoes anymore. The point of him being so elusive, is that they lose track of him in the hustle. The gold shoes help the linebackers keep an eye on him because he is the only one wearing them.

  9. Maybe he can undo the final game hex the Saints have been operating under for the last two years. Minnesota Miracle and the Phantom Interference have been tough on Saints fans

  10. Pat’s better not even think about how to duck the Saints in this year’s Super Bowl… something tells me they’ll come up with some kind of wierd way to avoid getting hammered by the Saints in February

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