David Johnson: People underestimate Kyler Murray as a thrower


Running back David Johnson feels bad for the way Josh Rosen‘s time in Arizona came to an end, but he feels very good about the team’s new quarterback.

Johnson said last week that it has been “funny watching” Chandler Jones and others on the Cardinals defense respond to Kyler Murray‘s scrambling ability and thinks the rookie will be “scary” for opposing defenses come the regular season. He also thinks anyone focused too much on running will get beaten through the air by a player he compared to Russell Wilson.

“People are really underestimating his ability to throw,” Johnson said on Mad Dog Sports Radio. “Coming into the draft, just hearing about him, a lot of people were talking about his scrambling but no one was really talking about his throwing. He can throw dimes and he can throw the ball down the field, he’s been throwing it deep to Christian [Kirk] and those guys in the OTAs.”

Johnson said he thinks Rosen will be a “dominant” quarterback and it sounds like he thinks that will mean the Cardinals drafted a player worthy of that description two years in a row.


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  1. I don’t question his ability to throw, I question the Cards OL ability to give him time to throw since he’s going from the best OL in college to the worst OL in the NFL! Also I question the fact that in college he played against a lot lower level of talent than he’ll see every week in the NFL, in college he might have faced one player a week that would make it in the NFL, now all 11 players on D made it to the NFL and they’re better, stronger, faster and smarter than any D he’s ever seen in his life and he’ll see those better Ds 16 times a year!

  2. Good to know the QB they took #1 a year after taking a QB high in the 1st can throw a football

  3. David Johnson must be tuning in to alternative media because I haven’t heard anyone saying Murray couldn’t throw. I’ve heard some negative stuff about other aspects of his ability to make it as an NFL QB, but throwing was never a question. There have been a lot of great throwers who weren’t able to cut it in the NFL for numerous other reasons. Oh well, it’s probably a good sign that David Johnson isn’t paying much attention to the chatter.

  4. Murray will come out and have some immediate success – the league will catch on to the offense and make the appropriate defensive adjustments and Murray will lead the Cardinals to three to four years of mediocrity. Big 12 defenses are not NFL defenses – Mayfield was a totally different player than Murray. Once the running ability is neutralized and he has to rely on passing it is going to get ugly. See the 2012 to 2013 difference with Griffin and Kaepernick – schemes adjusted defensively and exposed both of them for mediocre passing.

    The cardinals will be a horizontal offense – the league will pick up on that – with DL almost a foot taller than Murray I expect his field of vision to be greatly hampered and he will struggle with getting the ball downfield.

  5. People need to stop with the Russell Wilson comparisons. Wilson is a Super Bowl champion QB, is built like a mini tank and can throw really well from the pocket. This dude hasn’t even started a game in the NFL. If he takes off running he might end up on IR in his first game.

  6. Like Mayfield, he was the best player in college football in his final year. He will do just fine. Now get the rest of the team to his level.

  7. Murray seems to be a system QB that cannot read defenses nor does he win championships.
    These stat-hero QBs never do well in the pros.

  8. Everyone can throw dimes in shorts and no pad and the red jersey on, but can he throw dimes with Mack and other in hot pursuit. I hope that the Cards did something with their OL if not this kid will e running for his life and wishing he had chosen baseball instead…

  9. “5’9 7/8”, that is all”

    Doug Flutie was 5’10” and played pretty well in the NFL.

  10. Luckily David Johnson, aka Thirty Million Dollar Man Guaranteed, doesn’t have to worry about his 963 total yards and 3.6 yards/run average produced over the past two years. It’s not 2016 anymore! Not to mention blown plays and missed blocks.
    Look out Kyler! Johnson’s attempted blocking is going to get you injured.

  11. Kansas City, Patriots, and a few NFL teams have run Spread Offense Mesh plays with great success against NFL defenses.
    The Chiefs (with the best personnel for the Spread) were unstoppable running the Spread, except against the Patriots.
    The Cards and Murray should have significant offensive success over last season.

  12. This whole notion of – “Murray will come out and have some immediate success then, the league will catch on to the offense and make the appropriate defensive adjustments” – is good for a one dimensional player/team but when a player’s arm talent is as good as his legs, the offence will simply make an adjustment, as well, to keep the defense guessing!

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