Dez Bryant: Cole Beasley is right about the Cowboys’ offense

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Former Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley‘s comments about leaving Dallas for Buffalo have ruffled some feathers with Cowboys fans, but another former Cowboys receiver says he was right.

Dez Bryant says that when Beasley said the Cowboys “didn’t value the slot position,” which meant “it was easy for me to be taken away,” he was speaking the truth.

“Well he’s not wrong so don’t criticize him for being honest,” Bryant wrote on Twitter. “He didn’t say not one negative thing about the boys.”

Bryant, who did not play at all last season, remains a free agent and says he wants to play this season. He’s hoping to find some offense that can make use of his abilities, just as Beasley thinks he has now found an offense that can make use of his.

23 responses to “Dez Bryant: Cole Beasley is right about the Cowboys’ offense

  1. Hard not to be predictable when your wide receiver is slow, cant run routes and cant catch the ball. Add in a 3rd string qb and all your left with is Zeke run left, Zeke run right, Zeke up the middle and 5 yard checkdown passes.

    How bout dem Cowboys!!!

  2. It’s not that the ‘Boys did not value the slot position. They did not value Cole Beasley as much as Cole Beasley thought he was worth as the slot guy. Cole wanted bigger dollars than the ‘Boys thought HE was worth. You dig? Plus, in a way, I guess he was partially correct – Dak doesn’t throw to the slot as much as Tony did, and Dak did not have that tight end last year to make life easier for Beasley.

  3. ….and the rest of the NFL is right about Dez. You gonna take advice or honor an opinion from a person that has struggled to find a job for how long now? Time to hang up dem cleats Dez. Beasley, just keep your mouth shut and play the game already. Stop being sour. You quit football remember?? Dallas talked you into coming back and gift wrapped a career for you. Remember? If you can’t keep your mouth shut and be grateful, when Buffalo is done with you, you won’t be able to find a job like Dez can’t.

  4. The offense was extremely vanilla, stale, and predictable under Linehan. Kellen Moore gets 1 year to prove that was a Linehan problem or else the whole staff will likely get cleared out. They have too many multi-talented offensive players to just run the basics.

  5. The Saints would be wise to kick the tires again on him. I think he could be an effective possession receiver / red zone threat if he can still accelerate on his repaired achilles.

  6. Dez hasn’t “struggled to find a job.” He was signed by the Saints and got a season ending injury right away that he’s barely recovered from now. I don’t think he’s some sort of offensive genius but if there’s one thing he knows about, it’s being a Dallas Cowboy.

  7. I have been a Cowboy fan since 1963. There have been things I was disappointed in, but none as much as them not using Beasley more. I think there are more than a few games they would have won where they last had they done so. I loved watching him play and saw him make very few mistakes. I personally think he’s the best slot receiver in the game.

  8. There have been some very good slot receivers that have played at a high level for many years. What Beasley said was he wanted as much guaranteed money as he could get, and 20 mil over the life of the contract sounded good. He never said he wanted 20 mil a season like some people keep saying. Just say he signed a 5 year contract, that would break down to 4 mil a season. Which is pretty cheap by NFL standards. The a team would have to decide if all that was guaranteed, or just part of it.

    Every player wants security for the future. Beasley is no different. I’m sure he ruffled some feathers of Jerry and Stephen Jones, buy saying the ‘Boys didn’t value the slot receiver. Linehan was fired. Will the offense, under Moore, be different this year? Will the offense value the slot receiver more? Those are all unknowns for now. Beasley chose to move on. Like many Cowboys fans, I would have loved to see Beasley in a Cowboy uniform for life.

  9. TheDPR says:
    June 17, 2019 at 9:20 am
    Dez hasn’t “struggled to find a job.” He was signed by the Saints and got a season ending injury right away that he’s barely recovered from now. I don’t think he’s some sort of offensive genius but if there’s one thing he knows about, it’s being a Dallas Cowboy.


    The Cowboys cut him in April and the Saints didn’t sign him until November, so yeah he struggled to find a job but part of that was his own doing.

  10. Dez needs to listen to a certain Motley Crue song. “Don’t go away mad, just go away”.

  11. The issue is the cowboys are a run first team now with Dak, Dez would still be productive but Dak rarely takes chances down the field, Dez greatest strength was going up and getting 50/50 balls.
    The model the cowboys are using offensively now with Dak at QB doesn’t work in a pass happy league. 21st rank in points and Dak is barely over 200 yds per game passing, most of his yards are run after catch, he leaves a lot of points on the field with the single coverage he gets because teams stack 8 in the box to stop zeke
    They dare Dak to beat them, he hasn’t shown he can

  12. Linehan was the oc in 2016, the difference is teams have figured out of they take away the run, Dak won’t beat them vertically
    So far they’re right
    Dink and Dunk

  13. I have high hopes Randall Cobb will replace Beasley more than adequately and disprove the theory the ‘Boys “do not value the slot receiver position.” Beasley was/is excellent, but it was a dollar decision.

  14. If dez gets back in shape I would sign him if he dont want so much money but Dallas has good wrs this year but dez is a cowboy and could rejoin whitten in D ws will see defense should be real good

  15. Cole wasnt great he dropped quite a few accuracy has to get better we will know soon if we need a new qb and if we do we do get one or go thru bs for years beaxley was good but know hes gone hes gonna talk they all do but he was more involved with Romo I think good player Cole wanet to stay sucks

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