Mike Williams expects an “expanded” role with Chargers

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With Tyrell Williams now in Oakland, Mike Williams expects a bigger role in the Chargers offense. Someone has to make up for Tyrell Williams’ 41 catches for 653 yards and five touchdowns last season.

Williams figures it might as well be him now that he’s more comfortable in the offense with 26 games under his belt.

“Well, this is my third year going into the offense,” Mike Williams said, via Ricky Henne of the team website. “I’m a lot more confident coming out here and playing. My role is going to expand with Tyrell leaving. I’m looking forward to that. I’m ready to make some plays this upcoming season.”

Mike Williams, the seventh overall pick in 2017, caught 43 passes for 664 yards and 10 touchdowns last season while starting to live up to his draft status. Now, he is expecting even more.

“We lost a big weapon in Tyrell, [so] a lot of people in the room have to step up,” Williams said. “I feel like me being the player that I am, I feel like I can do that. I feel like the role is going to change. I feel I’m going to get a lot more opportunities than I did last year. A lot more balls coming my way. I’m looking forward to it.”

Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt points out, though, that Mike Williams now has a “target on his back,” with opposing defenses scheming to stop him. So this year will be different than last year.

“It was obviously great to see Mike do what he did, but now the challenge for Mike, quite frankly, is now to build off that,” Whisenhunt said.

Mike Williams is expecting to do just that this season.