Rams aren’t planning to extend Sean McVay, for now

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Rams coach Sean McVay has greatly exceeded expectations in his first two years on the job. That gives the Rams a bargain over the next three years, as he continues to work through a deal that is believed to pay him $4 million per year.

The Rams seem to be willing to enjoy that bargain, at least for now.

Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, Rams COO Kevin Demoff recently said that the team will be focusing for now on contracts for the guys who are on the field, explaining that he’s “making sure the players we need to extend are done.”

Still, there’s no doubt the Rams want McVay over the long haul. And they should.

“Becoming a face of the team in Los Angeles and, really, becoming one of the faces of the NFL, is everything you hope when you go into the head coaching process,” Demoff said. “Not just to find a great coach but to find an amazing leader and steward for our franchise.

“As you go to make sure that your [core] players are here for a long time, obviously the goal is to make sure your coaching staff is here a long time. . . . Our goal is always to make sure this group can stay together for as long as possible.”

That’s fine, but the idea that the Rams can’t extend McVay until they extend their key players is a bit flimsy. There’s no salary cap for coaches, so that’s no impediment to rewarding McVay.

The reality is that the Rams have gotten a great return on their investment in McVay, and they feel no need to increase that investment. But they need to be careful, because there’s also no franchise tag for coaches, and McVay should consider finishing out the next three years, becoming a free agent, and then striking it rich as the highest-paid coach in NFL history.

26 responses to “Rams aren’t planning to extend Sean McVay, for now

  1. He had a really bad day on Super Sunday.

    And as I’ve been told, it doesn’t matter how many good days he had before that. The last thing I saw is the only thing I remember.

  2. El cheapo Kronke is already feeling the crunch of the NFL market in LA. Let alone the higher cost of his super stadium. Wait till tariffs on 3 billion dollars of goods effect the Long Beach port workers and associated industries. Basic family’s in and around LA shelling out 25% more for shoes, clothes, toys, cell phones. Already a tough place to make a living, LA won’t be kind to purchasing overpriced NFL tickets.

  3. Exceeding expectations is great when the expectations were low. Now that they are high expectations let’s see if he exceeds those. Good coach but hes got a lot to learn and he was taught a few lessons last year.

  4. He has won when his roster as full of high draft picks and a QB rookie salary. We have seen lots of coaches do that and better (he still hasn’t won a title). Now they have to pay Goff and aren’t picking in the top 10 anymore where you can get a Gurly or Donaldson. We saw last year that when his stars aren’t dominating he was just another coach.

  5. The ink hasn’t even dried yet on his original contract. McVay has plenty of years left to become the highest earning coach in sports history, and he will. It doesn’t have to happen immediately. McVay is more focused on winning a super bowl. What if McVay signed a new contract tomorrow, then goes out and wins the super bowl this season? They’ll be talking about tearing that one up too. I don’t picture Sean McVay standing in line at a soup kitchen any time soon.

  6. He’s not even halfway through his contract. Unless they think they can get a discount why extend him now? He’s not exactly a lame duck with three years left.

  7. Most overrated coach in the NFL. Dude has not won squat. Nearly shut out in the playoffs too. Plus the fact that Rams ownership is one of the worst in the NFL.

    Look at Doug Pederson. Gets little recognition for what he did, and just quietly goes about his business. He’s already been extended because Philly ownership isn’t going to care about keeping their coach “under market” value. They care more about winning.

  8. He’s 2 years into a 5 year contract, now is not the time for an extension.

    Come back after his 4th year.
    If he wins a super bowl after year 3 then maybe extend him.

    The reason to pay him is he hides Goffs deficiencies.

  9. Doug Pederson has a similar regular season record, a vastly superior post season record, and is undefeated head to head against McVay. I feel the need to point this out whenever the McVay worship breaks out around here.

  10. “Why all this hype over Sean McVey?”

    I don’t know, maybe because he took over a team that hadn’t been to the playoffs in over a decade, with the league’s worst offense and turned them into a SB contender. Todd Gurley went from averaging 3.2 YPC to an MVP candidate, Jared Goff from looking lost as a rookie to one of the league’s up and coming stars? I know, I know, getting the most out of your talent is the last thing you want from an HC.

  11. What does Pederson have to do with McVay’s contract? They are both very good head coaches–which is a rare animal.

    The Rams have to make a smart business decision. Is McVay a coach you want to keep for five more years? Does he have what it takes to win a Superbowl? Strategically if the answer to these questions is yes (and I think it is), it would be wise to redo his contract now. It will be a dramatically cheaper than waiting a year or two if he keeps up his current level of success. Several other teams would open up the vault to hire him away.

  12. “How much does a coach that hangs 3-points in the SB deserve?”

    More than any coach that didn’t get their team to the playoffs at the very least, and more than most of the others who got their teams to the playoffs if that’s how you want to look at it.

  13. 19dead2 says:
    June 16, 2019 at 2:00 pm
    El cheapo Kronke is already feeling the crunch of the NFL market in LA. Let alone the higher cost of his super stadium.

    I don’t understand how you call Kroenke “El Cheapo” when he spent his own money for the land, is spending his own money for a stadium and has been accused of overpaying Todd Gurley. And Aaron Donald is fine with his contract. What exactly is cheap about any of that?
    Cheap would be if he decided to tear up the contracts of his coach & QB to give them new extensions before the market could determine their value. If he’s willing to wait until their contracts are up, that’s not trying to save a buck.

  14. I’m not sold on the guy. He’s only been HC a couple years. What do you say if he turns in 6-10, 4-12, 7-9 the next three years? Highest paid coach ever? WAY premature to mention that now.

  15. Flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers agree that we should wait to assess Sean McVay’s performance until he proves something-or-other. Fox News has coverage.

    Meanwhile, Rams fans who had to live through the worst 5-year record in NFL history — look it up — are utterly thrilled to be winning beyond our dreams. So y’all can take your negative comments and stuff ’em where the sun don’t shine.

  16. “What do you say if he turns in 6-10, 4-12, 7-9 the next three years?”

    I say the Ten Plagues of Egypt must’ve hit the Rams locker room. And that Jeff Fisher is walking around LA in a Sean McVay mask.

  17. Buckybadger
    Mcvay led a lackluster offense with the redskins to a tune of 28 pts a game. Love my redskins but my stats might be wrong. Just pay mcvay he worth it. I wanted him not gruden to be the HC.

  18. >El cheapo Kronke…

    Dude, which Rams team are you watching? The Rams PAY top dollar. Donald was the highest paid defensive player until Mack signed the next day and the Bears wanted to claim they had the highest paid player. Gurley IS the highest paid running back and he has a bad wheel. The team just PAID Brandon Cooks. The Rams are a team that actually pays it’s players top dollar. With no salary cap for head coaches, they’re going to be very fair with McVay but don’t make the mistake that not signing him today means you’re not committed to him. He’ll get his when the time is right.

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