Rams have talked about a timeline for Jared Goff talks

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The Rams aren’t ready to talk to agent Ryan Tollner regarding a new contract for quarterback Jared Goff. The Rams, however, are ready to talk about when they may want to talk about a new contract for Goff.

Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, Rams G.M. Les Snead said Friday that the Rams have had “preliminary discussions” with Tollner regarding a timeline for talks regarding Goff’s deal.

Nothing heavy,” Snead said of the communications. “No heavy lifting.”

Like coach Sean McVay, Snead made it clear that the Rams intend to keep Goff around.

“If a quarterback can prove he can win in this league — win two division championships and get to a Super Bowl — I think it’s obvious that at some point he will get a long-term contract from the Rams,” Snead said.

It’s obvious the Rams want to keep Goff. It won’t be obvious that the two sides will reach a consensus on what Goff is worth until they do.

It’s also obvious that the passage of time, and the unfolding of another salary-cap cycle, will serve only to make Goff’s price higher. Really, why wait? If Goff is the guy, do a deal now before the price goes even higher.

The club of young NFL quarterbacks who are eligible for second contracts but who have yet to get one currently has a very limited membership. Beyond Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota (both of whom will make $20.8 million this year as they try to prove themselves worthy of second deals), only Goff and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott have finished three regular seasons without signing new contracts.

At least Prescott and the Cowboys are talking. For now, Goff and the Rams are only talking about when they will talk.

22 responses to “Rams have talked about a timeline for Jared Goff talks

  1. Paying either Dak or Goff what they believe they “deserve” will guarantee neither team will win a SuperBowl during the term of such a contract. They are average QBs AT BEST

  2. 1phillyphan says: Doesn’t make sense for ownership NOT to sign them after Wentz got his..
    Wentz has yet to really prove it either. Philly are taking an even bigger risk given the inuries! Way I look at it is a proven top QB will have to be paid silly mega-money come what may, and trying to predict and tie one down now for a long term deal before they have gained you all that much only means that if/when they do bring home that bacon they’ll immediately start asking for more money anyway. So you might as well save some money for now and wait and see if that bacon ever arrives.

  3. Hopefully for Ram fans that timeline has already passed like the cartilage in Gurley’s knee.

  4. Nobody is having more fun in life right now than Jared Goff, Les Snead, Sean McVay, and the entire Rams’ organization. They’re all millionaires and are all still very, very young. Time is on their side. They’re also very confident in their abilities to continue winning. The guys who are super anxious to sign new deals as soon as they have a little success, are the guys that doubt their own ability to keep it rolling. I don’t see any of that out of these people. Everyone else is stressing more than they are.

  5. With McVay in his ear making every call right up until the ball is snapped what has Goff really proven? He’s not worth top tier money no way

  6. Why not 50 million a year!
    Seems like having a average QB dooms your team now adays cap wise.
    They need to do something about this craziness.

  7. @CharlieCharger maybe at some point you’ll have a valid point, thought or insight but I’m doubting it. These players signing their deals as soon as they can is because most rookie deals are paid very little and the NFL never pays for what you’ve done they pay for what your going to do and the players have learned to understand that so they do their best to maximize their salary in their peak years or when they feel they’ve outperformed their deals because it’s money they will never get back. The more you know…

  8. When you get to the Super Bowl because of a blown call and then crap the bed there spectacularly, you don’t deserve a new contract.

  9. lizzyisnoindian says:
    June 16, 2019 at 3:49 pm
    With McVay in his ear making every call right up until the ball is snapped what has Goff really proven? He’s not worth top tier money no way

    Um…that he can take a team to the Super Bowl.

  10. Goff got undressed in the Super Bowl. Belichick layed out a blueprint on how to stop the Rams offense.
    2019 will not go as well as 2018 for Mr Goff and McVay.

    A big contract now would be folly, but the Rams could still drive up in a clown car yet.

  11. @objectivefbfan – That’s the point he was along for the ride any quarterback could have mamanged that team and gotten them to the promised land with their head coach making every single adjustment at the line, and yelling in their ear watch this, or your throw is to the right. Heck Tim Tebow could have taken that team to the Superbowl, and Tebow probably would have done better than Goff

  12. I wouldn’t have a ton of confidence in Goff either, but you almost have to pay him given how hard it is to find a QB to get you to the super bowl. What worries me most is his apparent inability to read a defense without McVay in his headset.

    Obviously a lotta talk about Wentz given that he just got his contract. Between Goff, Dak, and Wentz, there are trade offs with all. That being said, given my choice I’d go for Wentz 100% of the time, injury risk and all. Look what happened to Goff when put up against a defense that could give him mixed signals, and look what happened to Dak every time Elliot wasn’t in the game.

  13. More like Jared Goff and his agents are waiting. Waiting to see what Dak end up getting. If Dak end up getting $34m like its rumored to be then Goff is going to ask for 36M. He have all the right to ask for 2 million more because have played the same amount of time as Dak, more regular season and playoff wins and also Superbowl appearance. He’s got a good argument here.

  14. The guy choked on the big stage worse than Cam Newton. He was like John Elway choke level out there. He’ll never win a Super Bowl. This year their injury luck runs out and they slip to 10-11 wins.

  15. savagestarlight says:
    Pretty sure the Rams are waiting until they have more cap flexibility.

    officialgame says:
    Clearly they don’t have the money to pay him, yet.
    Kronke has to service the debt on his new stadium. Rams will be on a tight budget for the next decade. He did the same thing at Arsenal, and the team has drifted and no good players want to go there.

  16. Perhaps they should wait to see if McVay’s one trick pony offensive of get to the line real quick then telling the QB exactly what to do still works after Bill clearly showed that not setting/changing the D until after the QB communication is shut down rendered that offense completely useless. If Goff can’t read a D similar to RG3, Mariota, Winston, Carr without McVay’s in his ear telling him exactly where to go based on the D then he is fairly useless.

    Correct on Kronke, he stacked the team to sell seat licenses, after the new stadium opens look for the Rams to drop-off rather quickly to a just above mediocre team, enough to keep fans interested but never really winning anything…

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