Josh McCown announces his retirement

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Josh McCown said in March that he would take some time to decide if he wanted to continue his NFL career during the 2019 season and he announced that decision on Monday.

McCown is retiring as a player after a career that saw him spend time with 10 NFL teams and the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League in a career that started as a Cardinals third-round pick in 2002. McCown started for some of those teams, served as a backup for others and failed to make the active roster of a couple, but he wrote in The Players Tribune that he wouldn’t have done things any differently.

“I guess it just goes to show that you don’t always get to choose your own path,” McCown wrote. “But looking back, I’m proud of how my career has gone. I don’t shy away from the journeyman label. I embrace it, full force. Because it’s been one heck of a journey.”

In that letter, McCown suggested that coaching and broadcasting were areas he’d pursue in the future. Former Browns coach Hue Jackson offered McCown a coaching job in Cleveland after the 2016 season, but he opted to continue his playing career.

McCown spent the last two seasons with the Jets and also had stints with the Browns, Buccaneers, Bears, 49ers, Panthers, Dolphins and Lions after leaving Arizona. He started 76 games over the course of his career, completed 60.2 percent of his passes and had a 98:82 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

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  1. good for him. He’s a good guy and had a nice long careeer. Best of luck, Josh

  2. In 2017 he had a higher QB rating with the Jets than bigger money QBs like Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Cam Newton and Eli Manning. A guy who might have been a solid long-term starting QB but unfortunately didn’t get enough opportunities early in his career. Still a solid career he should be proud of.

  3. Exactly…a sincerely good guy and not a bad player. If he decides to coach I’d bet on him being a very good to great coach.

  4. Plenty of money, plenty of stories for the grandkids. I just couldn’t help but wonder when watching him or Fitz on one of their good days, what if… Both showed some hints that they could lead a legit contender instead of always being the stop-gap, camp-arm, mentor a kid, come in when starter starts sucking or gets hurt, kinda guy. Cream rises to the top, so if McCown or Fitz were flat out ballers, they’ve been around long enough to prove it… I know that. Still kind of a bittersweet “what if” on a career like that as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m sure their bank accounts prove that being a journeyman QB aint too bad, but I’d bet both feel the same way.

  5. Anytime you can stick it out in the NFL for 16 years, when the average is less than 5 yearsyou have done something.

  6. Had the opportunity to see this man work up close over the years, nothing but class,grit and great FB mind… The NFL needs to cultivate more like him. He will be a success in whatever he chooses.

  7. The guy looked amazing at times but could never put together enough to become a full time long term starter but hats off for hanging around as long as he did.

  8. He just went to the TOP of the hot list for up and coming Offensive Coordinators/QB Coach.

    Or he’ll be a BOSS as a broadcaster.

    Trust me haven’t heard the last of Josh McCown.

  9. There’s no shame in being a journeyman quarterback. He would have been a solid backup on just about any roster this year.

  10. I remember him getting the crap beat out of him with the Browns, surrounded by Arena league talent and a clueless head coach. Never said a word. Just did his job while the circus played out around him.

  11. I remember telling a fellow Raider fan that I thought McCown was gritty and that I’d pay to watch him play. He rolled his eyes and said McCown was merely serviceable until Jamarcus Russell was ready to take over. That was 12 years ago.

  12. Josh is one of my heroes! He completed a Hail Mary in 2003 that send the Packers to the playoffs and division champs, and the Vikings from division champs to out of the playoffs! Well done, young man!

  13. nothing to be ashamed of here. I’d have given anything to have been a journeyman QB in the NFL, even for half as long as he was.

  14. I remember that in his stint with the Raiders, McCown was better than his teammate JaBustus ever was.

    Hope that McCown enjoys retirement.

  15. Back up QB and sometimes starter in the NFL is one of the best jobs in America if you stayed relatively healthy.

  16. Always liked and respected this guy. Never seemed to complain and did what was asked of him. One correction to the article, he NEVER actually played for Miami. Was in camp with them in 2008, but after the Jets got Favre and we were able to scoop up Pennington (and win the division with him), Miami traded him to the Panthers in late August for a draft pick.

  17. His attitude kept him in the league. So many more arhletic guys came and went along eith egos. He held the clipboard and was a good teammate. He struggled in some gamea, but still kept showing up. He lasted 16 years. Thats something to be proud of.

  18. This man should be applauded for his work in the nfl. Unlike the vast majority of journeymen, he always seemed to keep his teams in the mix and competitive—-even as a stopgap QB. Tons of respect for him.

  19. He should be nominated into the Packer Hall of Fame for that pass he threw in 2003 that knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs. Good times, good times.

  20. Hue Jackson once said that having Josh McCown was like having another quarterback coach and he hoped to have him on the Browns for a long time.

    The next day Sashi Brown released him.

    He definitely deserved better than his time in Cleveland being a pawn in that dysfunction and I am excited for his new career with ESPN. That guy put up with some bad regimes in his time and did it with class.

  21. Guess Chris Simms will need to re-stack his top 40 QB’s. There went his #1…

  22. Josh should do really good at ESPN. I f you spend time on 10 NFL teams, than you can quote form personal experience what they are like. Nt too many players can say they’ve been on 10 teams.

  23. futmanutebol says:
    June 17, 2019 at 11:24 pm
    Why didn’t this guy keep cashing checks??????

    Two possibilities …

    1. He is smart and has had enough and is well postioned for his post-football life.

    2. No one is knocking on his door and it’s likely (not impossible) no one is going to.

  24. Pretty amazing to hear all the compliments from the fans.
    Normally when you leave one team it’s because your a bum.

    Seems like we has on a third of all the NFL teams and everyone seems to have loved him

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