Melvin Ingram: Chargers are definitely winning the Super Bowl

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The Chargers have a couple of key players named Melvin and neither one is lacking for confidence about the 2019 season.

Running back Melvin Gordon called the Chargers “the team to beat” this year and defensive end Melvin Ingram shares that belief. He said last week that the team is “definitely going to win the Super Bowl” before echoing his teammate’s read on the team’s spot in the league.

“We’re the team to beat in the NFL, not just the AFC West, it’s the NFL,” Ingram said, via the Los Angeles Times. “We feel like when we’re going against our offense that we need to beat them because they’re the best. They need to beat us because we’re the best. That’s how we’re going to get better.”

Head coach Anthony Lynn said that “most players feel that way” about their teams, but he’s not fond of doing so and added that he considers the Patriots the team to beat because they won the Super Bowl in February. The Chargers couldn’t do that last January and the last two decades of data suggest they’ll probably have to do it this time around to prove Ingram correct.

32 responses to “Melvin Ingram: Chargers are definitely winning the Super Bowl

  1. So basically what they’re saying is that stats are for nerds and their offense and defense are the best because they say so, even though the stats say otherwise? Ok then, I’m convinced. No need to play the season let’s award them the Lombardi and move on to 2020.

  2. People who make such iron clad predictions in June virtually never end up where they want to be in February.

  3. Remind me, how many teams/players have made this claim prior to the season and actually delivered? Silly little boys.

  4. Headline was a misquote. Was supposed to read:

    Chargers Are Definitely Watching the Super Bowl

  5. I liked this guy’s last book, “How to Be Losing 35-7 at Halftime in the Divisional Round”.

  6. The Chargers will not be overtaking Kansas City as long as Patrick Mahomes is the QB.
    But it is cute to see these players try to convince themselves that they actually have a chance to overtake thee KC Chiefs.

  7. Head coach Anthony Lynn said that “most players feel that way” about their teams, but he’s not fond of doing so and added that he considers the Patriots the team to beat. Atleast the head coach isn’t delusional!

  8. Ummm guys, they were 12-4 last year without Joey Bosa and Hunter Henry for the lion’s share of the season. Don’t sleep on this team, and I’m an Eagles fan.

  9. “We’re the team to beat in the NFL…”

    Win the SB or not, you have to think like this in football and it life. You have to always believe you are the best even when the odds are against you. Rock on, Melvin.

  10. Melvin Gordon is from Wisconsin so he’s been conditioned to always think his team is the “team to beat.” Delusion runs deep in that state.

  11. Ummmm! Chargers are 3-9 vs the Chiefs since Reid arrived in KC including 1 – 9 in their last 10. All that with terrible Bob Sutton as the DC and led by overpaid, often hurt veteran “leaders”.

    I’ll take my chances with the best young QB in the game and a completely overhauled defense in KC.

  12. Chargers win Super Bowl. Right. A hundred years from now maybe… Look, if they couldn’t so it with Fouts, one of the great ones… Cry Rivers a River!

  13. We were winning the West every year with Alice Smith at the helm. I think we got this, again. MVP!

  14. First Jackson from the Bears now Ingram. Shut up and play your schedule.You had a good 2018 season. See if you can do it again in 2019.

  15. Chargers the next Super Bowl favorites… this isn’t just the players. Every year members of the national media jump up and down for them as the powerhouse of NFL based on their roster. They are a great team, no question. But what I never understand about this is how little thought seems to go into the fact that they play 16 games as the visitor. Have any of these favoring analysts actually watched a game? It is pathetic that as good of a product they put on the field that the hometown fans are the minority in the stadium. Convince me this doesn’t make a difference.

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