Report: Nick Caserio wants out of New England

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The Patriots enforced a clause in Nick Caserio’s contract to keep him from interviewing (and presumably getting) the Texans General Manager job.

They may have a bigger problem on their hands.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, the top non-Bill Belichick personnel man there wants out of New England, creating an awkward dynamic for the team.

Caserio has a year left on his contract, and last week’s events make it clear the Patriots intend for him to honor it.

The Texans not hiring a G.M. for the time being also creates a pretty clear impression that they’re holding the seat open until Caserio can fill it.

As Florio wrote last week, the qeustion of whether a relationship can be repaired with a twice-blocked Caserio remains to be answered, along with whether that will impact their operations.

They’ve continued to win amid reports of internal friction before, but it’s worth noting that all this comes after an offseason in which five assistant coaches left (not all for promotions), along with a longtime scout (Dujuan Daniels) and character coach Jack Easterby (who’s now in Houston).

82 responses to “Report: Nick Caserio wants out of New England

  1. Those earlier reports of friction were false and there’s zero reason to believe Volin here.

  2. 5 assistant coaches and 2 front office people have left.. with a 3rd also wanting out.. that’s not odd.

    I wonder if there will be a changing of the guard soon (Belichick retire/McDaniels take over).. if so.. doesn’t seem like too many holdovers want to be part of a potential new regime.

  3. So he’ll spend the whole year working, and gathering scouting information, while being paid by the Patriots; and then take all that info to the Texans once his contract expires. Sounds like a win-win for the Texans.

  4. If he wants out get a first round from the Texans and wish him all the Best I cant stand orginazation or companies that force employees to stay.It will be hard to replace him but again can’t force someone to stay

  5. He ought to tell the Texans he’ll join them, then back out at the last moment and return to New England. That’ll (eventually) get the Texans the perfect Dir. of Player Personnel. – Advice from Colts

  6. Don’t believe Trollin’ Volin as he is known here in New England..a long time Patriot hater and correct about as much as a blind squirrel

  7. Volin hates the Patriots so much he’s now actively carrying water for their rivals. Great work, man. I’m old enough to remember when the Globe had the best sports section in the country.

  8. The fall back too being a normal team is going too be amazing when it happens. And it’s happening. Brady getting older and declining coaches leaving front office guys leaving and rest of Division has greatly improved minus dolphins. You had a great run let someone else have a turn

  9. Quit then and stay home getting ready for the Texans job. If the article is true, no way ANY oragnazation wants a high ranking employee staying and having access to there data bases and future plans.

  10. I might have found this story plausible…

    Had anyone other than Ben Volin written it.

    I mean, it wouldn’t be odd that Caserio wants out for a promotion. But it’s never smart money betting on a journalist that spends every waking moment fantasizing about the next negative narrative he can write about the Patriots.

  11. Honestly, could this organization be any more rotten and devoid of ethics? Starts at the top with Kraft and trickles its way throughout. Revolting.

  12. Assuming this report is true, the Patriots should let him go. I’m tired of all these players, coaches, and directors who think the grass is greener somewhere else. Then, when things are looking even worse for the Texans a year from now, don’t let him come back to New England. Let all of these people who wanted out to lose games in peace.

  13. The Patriots and Casserio had a deal where the Pats paid him so much for so many years. If the Patriots wanted to fire him, they would still have to pay him his remaining contract but if Casserio wants out they should just let him with no penalty?

    Personally, I think they are just holding on to him until Houston gives them something of value to allow him to leave his contract early. Houston waiting a year would be stupid. Then he could go to the highest bidder and they will have wasted a year for nothing.

  14. Why cant they talk a deal with Texas as in draft picks? I mean the guy has one year left, wants out and your going to keep him around, why? Obviously this guy wants the big pay day too that he aint getting in Boston. Its all about da money.

  15. therealraider says: 5 assistant coaches and 2 front office people have left.. with a 3rd also wanting out.. that’s not odd.
    Correct. Not odd at all that the most successful team in the league gets all it’s staff first in line for promotions or merely higher paid vacancies elsewhere. This happens a lot to the Pats because unlike your team the Pats are a big success year after year. Even IF Caserio wanted out it may simply be as Texans (who went after him last year too) upped their offer to a point that NE could no longer match and NE have said sorry Nick we’ve let too many go this year you’ll have to honor the season with the existing raised pay. Big deal.

  16. It’s Brady’s last year and the coaching/[personnel staff is taking advantage of other opportunities before BB hangs it up as well; probably together

  17. They won’t get a first from Houston. They should take a 3rd and move on. They will have to upgrade Monti Ossenfort and make him untouchable to the Texans. The real problem with Patriots people now running Houston, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Detroit is that they all like the same kind of player, making it harder for the Patriots to get the players they want.

  18. Honestly, could this organization be any more rotten and devoid of ethics?


    This would make sense if it was the Patriots trying to back out of an agreement.

  19. This is nonsense. First off, last year he did not want to interview and asked the Patriots to deny for him. (And we dont know that isnt the case again this year) Second, the retention bonus part of his compensation (and guaranteed he has one) will be structured so that if he leaves early he is leaving significant money on the table. Enough that Houston wont want to cover it. That money makes it better for any deals with Houston to wait for next year. Thats how these contracts work without winding up in court all the time.

    This reminds me of all the stories last year about how Belichick wanted to defect to the Giants I think it was.

  20. Keep taking people from the staff and cant get it right. As long as Bill and Tom aren’t the ones leaving it’s just another dude going.

  21. streetyson says:
    June 17, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    Correct. Not odd at all that the most successful team in the league gets all it’s staff first in line for promotions or merely higher paid vacancies elsewhere.


    It’s a little odd when you consider how those staff do once they’re hired away, at least when it comes to assistants taking HC positions. Before last season, ex-Belichick HCs had a combined record of 156-227 (.407). Patricia and Vrabel didn’t do anything to change that trend radically.

  22. It’s a promotion. Be happy for the man and wish him well. I like what Baltimore did with Eric DeCosta. He declined interviews for years of his own volition, knowing the job he wanted would eventually be his.

  23. If he wants to leave he will leave. BB will just hire Bob and keep on keeping on. It’s like when the Patriots lost players, coaches and Front office people that the experts deemed irreplaceable and predicted their downfall. That was many superbowl moons ago. When you haters blow out candles do you actually believe your wishes come true.

  24. vikesr4reel says:
    June 17, 2019 at 8:25 pm
    Let the poor guy escape all the dysfunction already!
    He wants to remove the stench


    The stench of victory? Remind me who the defending champions are?

  25. To the folks who said this is Brady’s last year and Bill Belichick will retire soon–Nope, Brady will play until he realizes he no longer can play effectively (like at age 45 or so, maybe longer…or when Julian Edelman retires, whichever comes first assuming Gronk stays retired) and Belichick won’t retire until he surpasses Don Shula’s lifetime win record (347 wins including playoffs) because Shula refers to him as “Beli-cheat”… you know, payback.

  26. In my experience, when an employee wants to leave, you let them go. Forcing them to stay rarely pans out for either party.

  27. How do you stop a guy from getting a promotion to GM? The Patriots aren’t going to give him that position. He should have an opportunity to interview with the Texans.

  28. Vikings and Raiders fans babbling on and on about the dysfunction going on with the New England coaching and managerial staffs.

    That could be one of the absolute funniest things I have read at PFT..

    Let me get this straight, how many head coaches and staff changes have been in those organizations over the last 20 years? How many Conference Championships and Super Bowls have these teams won?

    Patriots staff changes have mostly been driven by teams looking for winning pedigrees and experiences. Those other teams fire coaches for underperforming, big difference.

    You only wish your teams had the dysfunction that leads to Super Bowl wins.

  29. Look, I don’t care what the guy does, or the Pats for that matter.
    If Nick doesn’t want to be there, and if it’s a promotion, let him go. I’m sure BB has a back plan to his back up plan.

    If the guy wants to command his own ship, regardless of what he may/may not have signed, just let him go.

    Heck, we (Redskins) dropped Vinnie C for Bruce, so be carful what you ask for too.

  30. I guess I just don’t know why you’d not allow him to make that move for a promotion. Don’t give me “contract talk”..:they sign players to contracts then cut them. To me, this is poor leadership.

    I’d like to see new guys get these promotions instead of regurgitated crap. But I still don’t see how this would have been tampering. I thought teams couldn’t block you from leaving it for a promotion

  31. Does anyone have a direct quote from Caserio stating his desire to leave NE? I thought not. It is assumed that McDaniels will replace BB upon his retirement; can it be assumed that Caserio becomes the GM of the Pats upon the retirement of BB?

  32. I wonder who taught caserio every thing that he knows? I wonder if he is teaching someone else? It still amazes me how unprepared you haters think that BB is, then you cry and whine while the Patriots fly and win.

  33. Caserios contract ends next year after the draft. They may or may not have had talked about extending it. Do you think that BB would wait to see how that played out?

  34. On the field the Patriots have no equal, but I am afraid with the latest Kraft scandal there is only so much you can turn the other cheek too , before people start taring you with the Dirty Patriot brush.

  35. Meanwhile Boston/New England sports fans everywhere are waiting with bated breath for those other two super-reliable sources of New England Patriots inside news, Ron Borges and John Tomase, to chime in with their opinions on Twitter or wherever they may currently be chiming.

    On a more serious note, if he really wants to leave he can quit and do something else for work outside of the NFL. The Pats will continue to survive and thrive with or without Caserio. Although it is somewhat understandable, and perhaps even admirable, that some Coaches and other management that currently work for the Pats, or have worked for the Pats, want to prove their mettle outside of the Belichick shadow in the NFL, those results have not been great to date for those who have left.

  36. jets2469 says:
    June 17, 2019 at 4:20 pm
    The fall back too being a normal team is going too be amazing when it happens. And it’s happening. Brady getting older and declining coaches leaving front office guys leaving and rest of Division has greatly improved minus dolphins. You had a great run let someone else have a turn

    rest of Division has greatly improved minus dolphins, Jets and Bills. – There I corrected it for you. Welcome.

  37. jets2469 says:
    June 17, 2019 at 4:20 pm
    The fall back too being a normal team is going too be amazing when it happens. And it’s happening. Brady getting older and declining coaches leaving front office guys leaving and rest of Division has greatly improved minus dolphins. You had a great run let someone else have a turn

    The long awaited sunset for the Pat’s dynasty is coming closer, all fans realize it especially since the haters have been saying it for the past five years but what I think is really funny and pretty pathetic is the line from Jet2469….

    “You had a great run let someone else have a turn.” What is this, the line for the swings at the public park? What’s next? Participation trophies? More rules to make inferior teams “winners”?

  38. thecape15 says:
    June 17, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Here’s the thing about contracts.

    Both parties have to adhere to them. Not just one.

    Man up and move on, figuratively speaking.


    Here’s the thing about clauses that are unenforceable.

    Neither party has to adhere to them.

    Let him take his promotion and move on, no figurative speech needed.

  39. aarons444 says:
    June 18, 2019 at 9:48 am

    The NFL is treating the Patriots like a talent piggy bank.

    Which is humorous, because it hasn’t paid off for anyone yet.


    People are annoyed that the Pats will not let Caserio interview, while ignoring the fact that this happens all the time in the NFL with other teams as well, because for some reason they are hoping to see another former Pats staffer struggle to have success away from the Pats. Some kind of schadenfreude I guess. Although I think most Pats fans do not really care if these people are, or are not, successful away from the Pats.

  40. marima07 says:
    June 18, 2019 at 9:33 am
    “According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe…” puts the appropriate filter on this story.


    In radio interviews, Volin has said that he has no sources stating that Caserio wants to leave. The article was based on his (Volin’s) opinion. Of course, the article was presented as a report, not an opinion piece, but I guess Volin got the attention he wanted.

  41. If I’m Belichick, there’s no way I let him walk for free. He either want’s to make the Texans trade for Caserio or hit them with a tampering charge. I have no doubt the “contract language” excuse is BS. I think the Texans got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and Belichick holds the cards. But if he lets Caserio walk for free the Texans will scoop him up in a heartbeat and get him for free. I think Belichick is not going to make his friend stay when a promotion is available, hes just trying to elicit a trade offer from Houston. Seems that Cal McNair is calling his bluff for now.

  42. Volin is backtracking on the story ….

    “So I just want to clarify one thing,” Volin said, per CBS Boston. “I’m seeing my column that I just posted a half-hour ago, I’m seeing it being referred to as a report all over the internet. And I don’t think it’s a report. I’m not talking, like, I don’t have direct information from Caserio or his agent. No one’s telling me, ‘Nick wants out.’ What I’m doing is looking at all the facts of the situation and analyzing it and using some logic and common sense to try to tell people what’s going on. And what I think is going on is pretty clear, that Nick Caserio wanted that Texans job, and the fact that the Krafts and the Patriots had to lawyer up and enforce his contract and file the tampering charges against the Texans, it’s pretty clear that Caserio wanted that job and the Patriots are basically enforcing Caserio to play out his contract.”

  43. Typical loser so-called reporter with nothing better to do than fabricate b.s. .Yeah I’m sure the texans are are up there as far as Super Bowl contenders ,, believe that and I have some prime real estate in Manhatten real cheap !!

  44. I wonder why he wants out…. well lets see, this is two years in a row the Pats have blocked him from taking the next step in his career after he’s given the organization nearly 2 decades of sweat equity….

  45. Holding him hostage for fear of more dirt being exposed? Either way….no one, save Pats fans (and even that’s questionable) believes anything under BB is legit….there’s no doubt.

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