Saints have had “some conversations” with Michael Thomas on new deal


After the Saints announced agreement on a contract extension with defensive end Cameron Jordan last week, head coach Sean Payton said that he expects wide receiver Michael Thomas will be the next Saints player to get a new deal.

Payton also said that the team and Thomas “probably have already begun discussions” about an extension. Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis confirmed that was the case during an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio without saying much else about where things stand.

“Yeah, listen, we’ve had some conversations, and I like keeping that close to the vest until there’s something to report,” Loomis said. “Look, we love what Mike’s done for us. He’s a fantastic player, one of the best at his position in the league, and hopefully we can keep him as a Saint for a longtime as well.”

Thomas, who is in the final year of his rookie deal, said last month that he’s “pretty certain that everything will get taken care of” in time to ensure he stays in New Orleans.

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  1. The Saints take care of their guys. Even if they do a sign and trade, I expect Thomas to sign a mega deal.

  2. Show Him the Money…best WR not named Julio. If the extend him and make his cap hit increase in 2020 when Brees is gone THEY’RE ok. If not, they will have cap hell.

  3. “You would’ve gotten a new deal already if it wasn’t for Drew’s contract”


    This misconception will never die. There are 9 quarterbacks in the league that get paid more than Brees. I’d say that’s pretty fair market value for a top 3 QB.

  4. Don’t worry Conner it’s because they can’t think for themselves and have to repeat the same old lame jokes that are about a decade old because they have no new material. All the while the vast majority of them could only wish their QB was half as good as Drew.

  5. And Jerrah sits and waits. Waited to long with Dak, and got hit with Wentz contract. Now he’s waiting with Cooper, and he’ll be slammed with Thomas

  6. LOL morons complaining about Brees’ money. Every contract was well below market by the end of it. And there has never been an extension or renegotiation. He gets paid, but he could have much more for the last 2 deals.

  7. Gosh… yet even the Rams, always the main subject of disparagement by Saints fans, held Michael Thomas to a minuscule 4 catches for 36 yards in the most important game he’s ever played in.

  8. Exactly zero Saints fans, like most NFL care one iota about the Rams, especially after the most boring, flavorless, invisible Super Bowl appearance in history.
    Saints fans are pretty irked at the worst blown officiating in NFL history.
    Rams? Just another name on the schedule…

  9. lol

    You know when teams announce this crap, it is to appease the fans. He has leverage on them as a team in cap hell. THeir bad drafts for so many years have caught up to them.

    Depth is a must and the Saints don’t have it.

  10. whenwilliteverend says:
    June 18, 2019 at 3:38 pm
    When Drew Brees hears about this he’ll ask for $40M for next year.

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    Brees is Manning Jr

  11. The Pats better come up with a better excuse for ducking the Saints in the Superbowl than (makes “home alone” face) “Gronk RETIRED!”

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