Looking at the best one-year stints in NFL history

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With Kawhi Leonard possibly leaving Toronto after only one season, an idea for a PFT Live draft emerged.

What are the best one-year stints in NFL history?

Simms won the rigged coin toss (as usual), and he also received unauthorized assistance from Stats. So I won this one by forfeit.

Regardless, check out the selections, let us know whether you agree, and share with us anyone we may have missed.

We’ve got only eight more shows before the 2019 pre-preseason hiatus, so get your fix while you can.

33 responses to “Looking at the best one-year stints in NFL history

  1. up until the shoulder injury and bicep tear, Brett Favre lead the Jets to 8-3 and the #1 seed. People only look at the end (injury) but up to that point, the Jets were the top AFC team after going 4-12 the year before.

  2. What about QB Earl Morral? A career backup who replaced an injured Johnny Unitas for the 1968 season and led the Baltimore Colts to Super Bowl III.

  3. LB Ted Hendricks “The Mad Stork” 1974 Green Bay Packers. All Pro. 5 interceptions. 7 blocked kicks. Scored a safety. He had the best season of his incredible career in Green Bay.

  4. Someone mentioned Earl Morrall’s 1968 season with the Colts – and that was a heck of one year stint, for sure.

    But Earl has two spectacular “one year stints.”

    He also led the Dolphins to 11 of their 17 wins in the 17-0 season, including a playoff win before Griese came back to finish the rest of the way.

  5. All-American Voltron says:
    June 18, 2019 at 3:21 pm
    up until the shoulder injury and bicep tear, Brett Favre lead the Jets to 8-3 and the #1 seed. People only look at the end (injury) but up to that point, the Jets were the top AFC team after going 4-12 the year before.


    The Titans started 10-0 that year. The Jets ended that win streak before their wheels fell off that season, but they were never the #1 seed at all that year.

  6. Should have been Favre in 2009, but a funny thing happened on the way to the Super Bowl. He never should have come back the next year.

  7. 2009 Bret Favre…no one else a close second. Woulda been a Superbowl season if not for the cheaters down in Bountygate NO….

  8. Greg Cook for the Bengals in 69…led the AFL in passer rating as a ROOKIE…got hurt but finished the year…Never played again. Some coaches including Bill Walsh, thought he would be an all time great.

  9. A lot of people in the comments don’t understand ‘One year stint’ means that player was only on the team for one year; this wasn’t about a player being a ‘one year wonder’, it was them only being with a team for one season before moving on.

    Peyton Hillis, Earl Morall, Brett Favre (on the Vikings) were all with their respective teams more that 1 year.

  10. Bob Waterfield. His only season as a Cleveland Ram, he leads his team to a championship as a ROOKIE QB…the last rookie to do it, in 1945. The Rams go to Los Angeles the next season.

  11. When Darrelle Revis replaced the injured Aquib Talib in 2014, I thought, this signing will help Brady win the championship, where he will retire into the sunset. Instead, Revis should have retired after this banner year for NE.

  12. Joe Montana on the Chiefs in 92. It doesn’t count because he was there longer but Moss in 07 for New England would be up there

  13. I thought that a single year stint was the one criterion used to qualify for the consideration. Many players mentioned in this thread spent more than a season with the teams mentioned.

  14. Revis edges Deoin Sanders since the Patriots did not violate the hell out of the cap rules like the ’94 49ers.

    Here’s my favorite:

    LeGarrette Blount scored in each of the Eagles playoff wins to earn the Lombardi.
    He did not have great compile numbers that year but he ran over people and really set the tone for a nasty run game. He trucked Sedenjo in the NFCCG and the Vikings were done.
    Bonus points for beating the team that did not want him back in the Super Bowl.
    Add more for for getting to be a commentator back to back on America’s Game.

    Honorable mentions:

    Donte Stallworth changed the Eagles passing game in 2006.
    Eagles top WRs averaged 21.1, 19.1, and 17.7 per catch that year.
    He did pretty well the next year in New England.

    Kevin Greene had a monster year in ’96 for the Panthers (but came back later)
    He was pretty good for SF in 97 as well.

    Andre Rison was an impressive rookie for the Colts (traded for Jeff George)
    He was also pretty good in the playoffs for Green Bay (Black 29 Razor!)

  15. Trying to think of one for the Redskins but the only thing that comes to mind is the opposite. Jeremiah Trotter was a Pro Bowl linebacker for the Eagles, then was mediocre and overpaid in his stint with Washington, then went back to the Eagles where he was immediately a Pro Bowler again.

  16. How bout Trent Brown for NE ? Went from a lazy right tackle with SF, to a Super Bowl winning LT for NE…parlayed one year, into a huge contract with Oakland.

    Bob Talamini was an All Pro guard with the Houston Oilers. In his only season with the New York Jets after a trade, he plays a great Super Bowl to end his HOF worthy career.

    Trent Dilfer was a disappointment in TB…having a defensive HC with no quality wide receivers, didn’t help. His only season in Baltimore, he not only plays mistake free football, while helping his defence, but has an excellent SB against the Giants and wins it all.

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