Ty Montgomery hoping to be with the Jets a long time

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Things didn’t end well for running back Ty Montgomery in Green Bay last season. He’s hoping for a new beginning with the Jets this season, the beginning of what he hopes is a long relationship.

“I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I’m excited for what lies ahead,” Montgomery said, via Ethan Greenberg of the team website. “I love being on this team. I love the guys on the team. We have a lot of fun every day, talking a lot of noise. Real, real competitive atmosphere, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Montgomery fumbled on a kickoff return he took out of the end zone late in the fourth quarter against the Rams, costing the Packers a chance for a comeback. It was Montgomery’s final game with the Packers, who traded him to the Ravens.

But he had only 25 touches for 148 yards in six games in Baltimore.

Montgomery signed with the Jets in free agency and is getting a fresh start in Adam Gase’s offense.

“You have to be smart,” Montgomery said. “You have to be able to catch the ball, and you have to be able to run the ball. You can’t have an imbalance and be at running back in this offense. It’s actually pretty cool; it’s challenging. I think it suits my abilities, and I’m loving it.”

Montgomery took most of the first-team reps in the offseason program with Le'Veon Bell training in Florida. It’s his third offense in a matter of months.

Running backs coach Jim Bob Cooter called Montgomery a “pro . . . [who] knows how to learn things.”

“I’m trying to win the day,” Montgomery said. “It’s something I learned in college — win the rep, win the down, win the practice, win the day. It’s one thing at a time every day, enjoy each moment. That’s just what I’m expecting from myself, just to enjoy each moment as long as I’m here and hopefully I can be here for a long time.”

5 responses to “Ty Montgomery hoping to be with the Jets a long time

  1. It just wasn’t in the cards for him in Green Bay.
    Too many injuries and a couple of poor decisions derailed him.
    I’m glad he’s found a niche that seems to make him happy, and I hope he can finally stay healthy and contribute to an organization.

  2. I was at the game. Always wanted to see GB in LA. As bad as the not taking the knee was, with about 5 minutes left, 3rd and medium, Rodgers had Adams for an easy first down approaching midfield. All Ty needed to do was not completely whiff on picking up the blitzing Ram. He whiffed. Rodgers was sacked.

    I just wouldn’t trust him at all. But at least he helped put the Mac departure in motion. Funny thing is, Mac completely outcoached McVay in the game and Ty sabotaged him.

  3. Just don’t let him return kickoffs. Even worse, he complained the next day that his teammates didn’t have his back. Do you think because you blew the game, that might have something to do with it.

  4. Im sure it’ll work out great in NY. Apparently, Adam Gase doesnt mind if you forget about basic ball security while disregarding the coach’s direct instructions.

  5. Even worse, he complained the next day that his teammates didn’t have his back
    A lot of cheese eating fan hate still exists for a player they use to cheer for.

    Maybe ty would not have complained about his teammates not having his back if his teammates were good teammates and had his back. Recall Rodgers fit on the sidelines on national TV?

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