A movie could be coming on the life of Saints return specialist Michael Lewis

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You know it’s the slow time when we write about movies being made about the life of a former NFL return specialist who was never a household name even during his prime. On closer review, however, the idea of Michael Lewis having his life story memorialized on film doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.

Lewis didn’t go to college, opting instead to drive a beer truck. But he didn’t give up on his football dreams, parlaying success in semipro football into a handful of NFL tryouts, a short sting with the Eages, and eventually a full-time job with his hometown NFL team, the Saints.

“I think anybody who has any dream larger than themselves will be inspired by the Michael Lewis story,” the player’s lawyer and agent, Karl Bernard, told NOLA.com. “He’s an incredible individual, an incredible athlete, an American story come to life right before our eyes in the city of New Orleans.”

New Orleans filmmaker and screenwriter David DuBos has high hopes for the project, confident that the Michael Lewis story “is a much better version of Rudy and Invincible put together.”

DuBos points out that Rudy ultimately tells the story of a guy who played three downs of college football, and that Invincible is about a player who ultimately didn’t do all that much in the NFL. In contrast, Lewis joined the Saints’ Ring of Honor in 2015, and he holds the team’s record for career punt returns and punt return yardage.

The project remains in the very early stages, and plenty of movies that we’ve heard were going to be made years ago haven’t proceeded. Still, the movie can never be made if it’s not in the pipeline, and the Michael Lewis story is.

14 responses to “A movie could be coming on the life of Saints return specialist Michael Lewis

  1. Count me among the billions around the World who won’t bother watching it.

  2. This could be good news because the only movie I can recall involving the Saints was that gawd-awful movie with Charleton Heston “Number 1”.
    If you ever get the chance, DON’T see it.

  3. Disney made a made-for-TV movie called Saintly Switch with David Alan Grier and Vanessa A. Fox back in the late 90s or early 2000s

  4. He’s an incredible story. If a terrible movie like Rudy did okay, this is way better than hoping to get a charity snap in a college football game.

  5. My Second favorite Saint ever.
    Never played a down of College ball, didn’t play much in High School
    Made the Pro bowl as a kick returner
    2002 set the NFL record for combined yardage

    Fantastic story, I will definitely see it and by the DVD

  6. Don’t dis Rudy.
    The story of Rudy is not his football success, but his drive, dedication, and sacrifice despite a lack of athletic talent.

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

  7. Rudy was popular because of the cult of the Domers who think that Notre Dame is somehow hallowed ground. The story was inspirational, yes, but it was poorly written and had even worse acting.

  8. If you like true sports movies, Woodlawn is very good and highly underrated. It tells the story of Tony Nathan growing up with racism in Alabama.

  9. Here’s a good story for a movie. Small town kid dreams of playing for his favorite NFL team growing up. Plays for a division II school and goes undrafted. Works his tail off and goes to a tryout for that favorite team and makes it as a special team player. Out works everyone on the team and becomes the best player at his position on the team in two years. Doesn’t stop working and becomes a Pro Bowl/ All Pro caliber star in the entire league. His name is Adam Thielen.

  10. cool background story, but a kurt warner life story would be much more fascinating. as we all know he went from grocery bagger to super bowl champ and nfl mvp. talk about rags to riches. this guy made it to the nl, but was nowhere near as successful as kurt waS.

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