Devin Bush confident his size won’t be an issue in NFL

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Pittsburgh Steelers first-round pick Devin Bush isn’t going to be the biggest inside linebacker to ever set foot on an NFL field. At 5-foot-11 and 234 pounds, Bush is a bit undersized compared to some of his compatriots across the league.

However, Bush believes he’s plenty big enough to be effective in the NFL.

“I’m a grown man as much as anyone else in this locker room. I’m here to play football. Nothing changes,” Bush said, via Tim Benz of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

While Bush may have been too small to play the position a decade ago, he may ultimately be the perfect size to handle the modern NFL game. With the proliferation of spread offenses and pass-heavy attacks, Bush’s speed and athleticism could prove to be the ideal counter to the trends of the NFL.

He’ll be asked to do a wide range of tasks in Pittsburgh’s defense as well. He’ll be called upon as a blitzer in Keith Butler’s 3-4 defensive scheme in addition to covering quick receivers and tight ends over the middle of the field, and tracking down running backs out of the backfield. With fewer and fewer teams looking to run the ball, he’s not going to have to worry about being blocked by guards or tackles as frequently.

But when he does have to take on bigger players, he believes he’s built to handle it.

“I’m low to the ground. Very quick. Explosive off the first step,” Bush said. “I can generate a lot of power with my legs and my arms. Being able to use my athleticism in the middle to have that quick burst — that strength — to withstand the bigger guys, I think that’s the biggest advantage when I rush inside.”

Bush had 161 tackles with 18.5 for loss with 10 sacks, 11 passes defended and an interception during his final two seasons at the University of Michigan.

13 responses to “Devin Bush confident his size won’t be an issue in NFL

  1. Really?? He’s not telling everyone that Pittsburgh was foolish to pick him and that he will be just awful because of his size and they shouldn’t bother paying him??

  2. They told Jack Lambert he was too small (had the height but not the weight). And last time I checked Sam Mills, London Fletcher, Mike Singletary and NaVorro Bowman all had good careers. Bobby Wagner is putting up a big career and is an inch shorter than the 6’0” they list him at.

    Good is good. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

  3. Except their toughest opponent over the past 18 years, Patriots, are now evolving into a less spread run-heavy offense – and with bigger guys too – so that Bush-type D will get nowhere.

  4. Poor guy is going to get squashed like a bug. Another draft bust for Rustburg.

  5. Bush is going to be a stud in this league. The Steelers D just got better. Look for the Steelers to contend for more playoff appearances and superbowl titles.

  6. streetyson says:
    June 19, 2019 at 7:37 am
    Except their toughest opponent over the past 18 years, Patriots, are now evolving into a less spread run-heavy offense – and with bigger guys too – so that Bush-type D will get nowhere.


    They play the Pats once out of 16 games during the regular season. Steelers beat the Pats last year and the 2017 game came down to the James non-TD, so if this “new look” Pats offense is any indication of the future, then awesome — all for it.

    If Bush is as good as they’re hoping and is healthy, he’ll have a lot of games ahead of him. Brady/Belichick don’t. No one’s basing their draft philosophy around two guys who have 2-3 seasons left.

  7. The Steelers have a knack for drafting wide receivers and linebackers. MY money, if I were a gambler, would be on this guy.

  8. Aaron Donald is 6’0″ and the most disruptive defensive tackle in the league. Lack of height doesn’t mean a player lacks over all size.

  9. I absolutely loved ILB Devin Bush coming out this year and I am extremely high on him, I liked him more than Tampa’s Devin White. With Bush’s elite athleticism, 4.4 speed & quickness he is going to excel both as a blitzer and in pass coverage & the dude is very smart so he is going to quickly pickup schemes around the league to be able to diagnose what he is looking at. The one and only area I worry about Bush in the NFL is versus the run because at 5″11 he is going to play around 225pds and is at a major disadvantage against 6″5/305pd+ OG’s & Tackles. If my Arizona Cardinals didn’t already have one of the best ILB’s in the league in 6″2-236pd Jordan Hicks paired up w/ extremely gifted young ILB 6″1-237pd Hasson Reddick who possessing elite athleticism I believe is primed to really explode this season w/ Arizona going back to a 3-4 Hybrid defense then I would of loved to draft Devin Bush to start. It is extremely sad what happened to Ryan Shazier but I believe Bush is going to be better than Shazier was and their ILB corps is now in the best shape it’s been in since Shazier went down with his injury. Bush is special and is going to be a stud, great pick by the Steelers.

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