Robert Nkemdiche arrested for speeding, driving with suspended license

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Scottsdale police arrested Cardinals defensive end Robert Nkemdiche earlier this month for speeding and driving with a suspended license, ABC15 Arizona reports.

Nkemdiche was driving 75 mph, 30 mph over the posted speed limit, when police pulled him over June 6, according to a police report obtained by the TV station. Stopped at 6:30 a.m., Nkemdiche old police he was on his way to practice, which started at 7 a.m.

Nkemdiche was arrested on a warrant issued for his arrest for driving on a suspended license and failing to appear for a court hearing as well as for exceeding the speed limit by at least 20 mph.

According to ABC15 Arizona, the report also states that police found a white powdery substance in a small credit card case in his center console.

“Based on the totality of the circumstances, it was decided not to pursue testing of the credit card holder in lieu of impounding the item for destruction with Robert’s cooperation,” the police report stated, via ABC15.

The Cardinals issued a statement to ABC15 Arizona, saying “We are aware of the June 6th incident involving Robert Nkemdiche. We have alerted the NFL office in accordance with the league’s personal conduct policy and will comment further when appropriate.”

The Cardinals drafted Nkemdiche with the 29th overall choice in 2016 despite red flags. Nkemdiche fell out of a hotel window and got arrested for marijuana possession before the draft that year.

They declined the fifth-year option on his rookie deal last month.

15 responses to “Robert Nkemdiche arrested for speeding, driving with suspended license

  1. As long as he wasn’t driving under the influence of anything, it’s hard to get too worked up over this. Young men tend to drive fast, and although the not appearing in court and suspended license are irresponsible, at the end of the day it’s not too serious of a situation.

    It probably deserves some mild punishment, but I’d be surprised if he was suspended more than 1 game, if at all.

  2. They didn’t field test the “white powdery substance”!?

    Obviously a case of an athlete getting preferred treatment over an average Joe.

  3. I mean, unless he was carrying some EXTREMELY thin powdered doughnuts in there… you be the judge! LOL

  4. Robert had related problems while in college. Some people grow up. some don’t. It’s always sad to see a player with potential who keeps making mistakes related to his judgement.

  5. Lol. Maricopa County is insane with arresting people for DUIs and they let him go without even testing the powdery substance?

    Crazy world out there man. Most other places would have been all over the powdery substance and the speeding issue would be in the back burner. No revenue generation from actually paying for drug testing I guess.

  6. Man I got pulled over and searched the other day because a cop behind me smelled weed. Didn’t have any on me or in the car, but that didn’t stop them from putting my wife and myself in cuffs and searching the vehicle. Must be nice to be a pro athlete because if I’d of had white powder in the console I’d still be in jail.

  7. Players shouldn’t get “preferred” treatment, but owners should?! Got it.

  8. Going 75mph in a 30mph zone? I thought that meant an immediate trip to jail. It would be for us.

    Not only has this guy been a bust on the field, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack to be going 75 in a 30 with a suspended license. Idiot.

    This guy will be broke a week after he has run himself out of the NFL.

  9. 30MPH over the speed limit (doing 75 in a 45 zone) is stupid.
    Doing it with a suspended license is very stupid.

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