Bruce Arians sees Byron Leftwich as a “rising star”

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Sixteen years ago, Byron Leftwich began making his way in the NFL as a quarterback. He’s now getting it done as an assistant coach — and he soon could be more than that.

“I’ve been training guys for this job,” Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians recently said regarding Leftwich, via Jenna Laine of “I always said I would never give up [playcalling] and look over anybody’s shoulder until I found one I knew could do it. I think he’s a rising star in this business.”

Currently Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator, Leftwich first entered coaching in 2016 as an intern with Arians in Arizona. He became quarterbacks coach in 2017 and, during the 2018 season, Leftwich became the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator.

“I think the whole time he’s been outstanding,” Arians said. “Really, really done a great job in the meeting rooms. I think he first of all is an excellent teacher. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s a heck of a teacher. So, he’s got the guys right where they need to be.”

It won’t be a surprise if Leftwich enters the short list of head-coaching candidates as soon as this year, especially if the Tampa Bay offense blossoms under Arians. Or maybe Leftwich will simply take over for Arians whenever Arians retires, again.

17 responses to “Bruce Arians sees Byron Leftwich as a “rising star”

  1. The idea of a “star” football coach is ludicrous until one gets 2 or 3 Super Bowl wins under his belt. Or at least appears in 2 or 3.

  2. Maybe Leftwich will replace Arians mid to end season. Hopefully, Byron learns to keep his mouth shut, doesn’t need to wear a goofy hat to get noticed, and will never proclaim himself as the maven of all things football.

  3. Wouldn’t that be an awesome story … from rising QB in the NFL to a confusing end to his career as a player … to head coach? You couldn’t write a story like that and believe it …. great for him.

  4. Hopefully he’s better at OC than he was at qb..
    Not really expecting anything good from this team this season…
    Leftwich doesn’t need to be successful to become their Head Coach.. They don’t seem to care very much who fills that position!

  5. Fair play to Leftwich if this is true. He had a few sort of successful seasons as a starter, but never really got better than a subpar QB – hopefully coaching is his thing.

  6. Good. Byron was a solid pro and looking like a better coach. Hopefully when he earns his opportunity he crushes it.

  7. Bucs offense blossoming is a very long long shot. You got to keep in mind the Bucs QB is Winston. Winston is a consistent highly inaccurate passer.

  8. Winston’s decision making is a problem more than his accuracy. His arm talent is much less in question than the windows he tries to open.

    As far as Leftwich goes, I totally could see it happening. Arians is one to toot his own horn, for sure, but Leftwich always seemed to be a consummate professional and was tough as nails (look up that series in college when he was at Marshall when his teammates literally carried him on the field). He seemed to, above all, have a mind for the game and definitely has experience in tough situations. Hopefully he puts all together and someone gives him a shot at moving up.

  9. Re the comment about Bowles,

    What a huge mistake. He completely sucked as the Jets coach. I wouldn’t wish him on anyone (except the Patriots).

  10. You’d think Leftwich Brody Croyle based on the comments. I guess he did have one of the slowest releases I’ve seen though.

  11. A rising star? ILMAO!!!! This guy has shown nothing on the field as a play caller or coach that points to him being a “rising star”, this dude was a QB coach last year who was absolutely lost in Arizona which is why they couldn’t wait to fire him. Arians is always try to talk his guys into jobs they havent earned, if Leftwhich proves good enough Arians wont have to talk him into a job teams will come looking for him. And they’re not nor have they ever been pounding down Byron’s Leftwich door for a job interview. Tampa is going to blow up in BA’s face and that whole lot will be fired and cleaned out within a year or 2.

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