Colts owner spends over $5 million at guitar auction

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Colts owner Jim Irsay hasn’t spent all his cap space on this year’s football team.

But he just dropped nearly $4 million for a single guitar.

According to David Lindquist of the Indianapolis Star, Irsay spent $3.975 million for the 1969 Fender Stratocaster which David Gilmour played on several Pink Floyd albums including “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall.”

Irsay also bought Gilmour’s 1969 Martin D-35 acoustic guitar (which he played on “Wish You Were Here”) for $1.095 million, and a travel case for “The Black Strat” for $175,000.

That $5.245 million was part of more than $21 million from an auction of Gilmour’s guitars which benefitted ClientEarth, an environmental law organization which tries to fight climate change.

Irsay has long collected rock memorabilia, and has previously bought guitars played by John Lennon, Prince, Jerry Garcia, and Bob Dylan.

What he hasn’t bought as many of lately is players, as the Colts have a league-high $55 million in cap space at the moment, after an offseason which saw them add some parts but make no major splashes.

61 responses to “Colts owner spends over $5 million at guitar auction

  1. God forbid he spend it making other lives better. Wouldn’t want to cure cancer or anything.

  2. I love David Gilmour/Pink Floyd and I know how important the Black Strat is to rock lore, but paying $4m for one guitar is cosmically buffoonish.

  3. Hey, Gilmour is a fantastic guitar player and a legend. If I had that kind of money I would’ve bid on some of this stuff too. The biggest insult is him spending $175k on a case for the black strat. That’s just plain ridiculous.

  4. For those saying it was a waste of money – the money didn’t go into the Pink Floyd Guitarists pocket.

    It raised $21,490,750 for some environmental charity.

  5. Flash1287 says:
    June 21, 2019 at 7:36 am
    Dark Side of the Moon = best album ever made.

    42 11 Rate This


    That’s quite a statement considering how many great albums there are. I will say, I enjoy Gilmour’s work in PF more so than Waters’s. Gilmour’s songs seem to have more melody to them and more of an aura for me.

    Animals is a good example of that. His stuff on that one is underrated. Waters started taking all the credits which is hilarious to me, since the melodies are so clearly Gilmour’s.

  6. “newpairofsox says: June 21, 2019 at 7:58 am God forbid he spend it making other lives better. Wouldn’t want to cure cancer or anything.”

    Always some troll telling everyone how to spend their money. As noted by Zappa on this thread, the auction netted $21,490,750 for charity. That’s some big time money, and I’m sorta Numb, but Comfortable about it.

  7. I love Floyd, but I have other guitars I value more and also some I want to get my hands on. For Floyd I’d be more interested in a Roger Waters bass than a Gilmour guitar. A Syd Barrett guitar I would actually value more.

    I have a lot of music memorabilia in my music/ sports cave and have some guitars as well. I get this was a auction to benefit climate change, but 4 mill for Gilmour’s ’69 Strat is about 2.5 mill more than it’s worth. Now, to the right buyer it’s worth the sky. Irsay doesn’t sound like a huge Floyd fan so I think he just has the money and spent it. I would like to know what he spent on the Jerry Garcia and Dylan guitars.

    I have a few guitars I would never sell, but a few others that if Irsay is willing to pay 4 mill for them, then I want a contact for him.

  8. Class envy much?
    If this was a PLAYER purchasing a guitar for $5 million, this article would talk about “how cool that player is for investing in a guitar”. But since it’s an NFL owner, well they simply cannot be allowed to spend their money on such things without being criticized for it.
    Yet another example of one rule for players and another for NFL owners.

  9. freefromwhatyouare says:
    June 21, 2019 at 9:54 am

    …4 mill for Gilmour’s ’69 Strat is about 2.5 mill more than it’s worth. Now, to the right buyer it’s worth the sky.

    At least you corrected yourself right away.

  10. It kinda figures that Irsay would be a fan of Pink Floyd and it has clearly had a big influence on him… listening to either is to hear someone drone on for 10 minutes and make absolutely no sense.

  11. Ritchie Blackmore is the BEST guitar player in this World.
    Trust me there are classical and jazz guitarists out there that’d blow your mind…but for my money the best Rock n Roll guitar player ever is Eddie Van Halen. He’s not my all-time favorite (Slash holds that honor), but as someone whose been playing for 30 years I can tell you that some of the things he did and does are just amazing.

  12. Everything that is wrong with this world= Jim Ursay. Do you know how many meals you could have provided for homeless people?

  13. I saw Pink Floyd with 95,000 of my best friends on June 19, 1977, the “In the flesh” tour after the release of the Animals album…which was also the first time they played Wish You Were Here in concert…during the Wish You Were Here tour they played mostly Dark side of the moon. Performance= A+; sound =A+ , Gilmour played the black strat for that show, the atmosphere created when he hit the “four note theme” of Shine on you crazy diamond was spectacular. They played both Animals and Wish You Were Here, the encore was Money, with guitarist Snowy White providing a fantastic counterpoint…
    I feel tremendously fortunate to have experienced such a transcendent performance

  14. “When he hit the “4 note theme” of Shine on you crazy diamond”


    ‘Shine of you crazy diamond’ is about original Floyd guitarist and singer Syd Barrett. Roger wrote ‘The Wall’ about Syd to some degree also. I think there is a lot about Roger himself in there as well.

    I would have loved to have seen Syd and Roger together in Floyd longer. What we missed, damn. Not that I don’t like Gilmour, but to me Roger was/is Floyd more than Gilmour. Syd and Roger were/are Floyd and always will be to me.

  15. Syd Barrett was actually present in the studio when they recorded Shine on you crazy diamond, although no one recognized him at first…

  16. Does Irsay even play? If all it’s gonna do is sit in a display case for the rest of time then something doesn’t feel quite right about that.

  17. Gilmour did a good thing putting up his guitar.
    Irsay did a good thing buying it.
    Even if you don’t play, you should appreciate that guitars are not part of our disposable culture.
    They are long lasting tools that serve their purpose over generations. Even relatively inexpensive guitars will stand the test of time and remain in service long after their original owners have passed.
    Recognizing that should inspire us to protect and cherish the forests that produce the wood they are made from, purely out of respect.

  18. Michael Edits says:
    June 21, 2019 at 7:44 am
    I’m going to get my guitar restrung today. Elixir Nanowebs for $33.27 including labor and sales tax.

    LABOR?!?!? C’mon man!

  19. newpairofsox says:
    June 21, 2019 at 7:58 am
    God forbid he spend it making other lives better. Wouldn’t want to cure cancer or anything.


    So because the money didn’t go to your charity of choice, he’s bad? Gotcha.

  20. Who would you like him to spend the cap space on? They are saving it to resign their own players when they’re due for extensions. Thinking ahead…unlike during the Grigson Era when cap space was completely wasted

  21. Anything that keeps him away fron the day to day of the Colts is a win for Indy fans.

  22. Good investment…and it’s HIS money to invest, separate from anything to do with the team. The way the economy is going, probably a smarter move than dumping cash into Wallstreet.
    What’s this got to do with football?

  23. Once in awhile, you can see some of his guitar collection in one of the museums in indy. Ive seen it a few years ago, but hes added to the collection. If its a charity auction, expect the prices to be inflated. A lot of it is ego, but he really has some gems in his collection. Hes got century-old gibsons that must sound incredible.

  24. After all, it is his money, and he is allowed to spend it as half witted as he would like. No 9 e said you had to be intelligent to be born into money.

  25. After all, it is his money, and he is allowed to spend it as half witted as he would like. No one said you had to be intelligent to be born into money.

  26. I just read Irsay paid about a mill for Jerry Garcia’s “Tiger” guitar. Last word was he keeps it behind glass in his office.

    Irsay is a big Beatles fan which makes me kind of think less of his collection. The Beatles are great just the most overrated band of all-time. Beatles memorabilia excites me not at all.

  27. You know how money works, right?

    If an idiot pays 5 million for guitars then the people that get the 5 million have the option to save the world with that 5 million.

  28. And what is he going to do with it?
    Gilmour had expressed a hope that these guitars would go to people who would play them.
    Irsay will probably get all coked up and use it to paddle a kayak around his pool.

  29. Man, I’m thrilled that this story was posted and so many fans here are knowledgeable, big Pink Floyd fans! Simply put, they are the greatest band ever, with truly innovative music; soaring and emotive guitars (David Gilmour) and keyboards (Rick Wright), and profound, philosophical and deeply relevant lyrics (Roger Waters). My favorite Pink Floyd song is Echoes on the Meddle album, a 23-minute masterpiece from which Andrew Lloyd Webber stole a part for Phantom of the Opera.

    I get the impression that Irsay and I would get along famously, because he and I seem to have similar tastes: Irsay also bought one of the original manuscripts to Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  30. Everyone has to have a hobby and who am I to talk about spending money on guitars…the most I ever spent was $7,000. Some are worth it but 4 million? That’s crazy talk and I’m a guitar player of 25 years. BUT…his money.

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