Odell Beckham: I wasn’t going to reach full potential with the Giants


Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has gone silent on social media in order to step up his training for the coming season, but he took a trip to London to help kick off tryouts for the new NFL Academy in the United Kingdom before going dark.

During that trip, Beckham did an interview with Complex that touched on his advice for aspiring British football players, his background as a soccer player and more. The latter category included a response to a question about whether he thinks the offseason move from the Giants to the Browns will enable him to reach his full potential.

“I can’t wait to get going. I just felt with the Giants I was just stuck at a place that wasn’t working for me anymore,” Beckham said. “I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to reach my full potential there; mentally, physically, spiritually, everything I felt capable of doing, I just couldn’t see it happening there. So I think allowing me to be in an environment where I can be myself and give it a different approach, I feel like my football will benefit. I’m just excited about being able to play football again and not have to deal with all the other stuff and politics that came with my previous role.”

Beckham may not have liked dealing with “other stuff and politics” while with the Giants, but others would almost certainly argue that he played a sizable role in making sure that tensions mounted over the course of his time with the team. Getting rid of them would make it easier to keep the focus on football, although Beckham’s history suggests it will be a little bit of time before we know if that’s how things will play out in Cleveland.

81 responses to “Odell Beckham: I wasn’t going to reach full potential with the Giants

  1. Given your self-obsession I confidently predict you won’t reach your full potential anywhere.

  2. “I can’t wait to get going. I just felt with the Giants I was just stuck at a place that wasn’t working for me anymore,”

    …Plus I got jilted by their kicking net when I proposed and things got kind of awkward after that…

  3. So why hold out for that giant (no pun intended) contract then? I wish this guy could hear what a tool he sounds like.

  4. He’ll one day be giving this exact same interview about how the Browns held him back. With Odell, it’s never the fault of the man in the mirror.

  5. What he thinks there won’t be “politics and stuff” in Cleveland?


  6. I’m so glad he didn’t get traded to my team how about do something first then u can talk all u want. How many playoff games have u won bro? How many divisional titles have you earned bro? How many rings u have bro? ZERO let me help u out with the math just in case – that means less than 1

  7. …”wasn’t going to reach full potential”

    Translation: It had nothing to do with the Giants and everything to do with me and my loud, disruptive ways…

  8. No Odell that is exactly the issue. Early on they let you do whatever you wanted. Coaches looked the other way and it destroyed the team. You became a complete mess and a waste of talent. What has also stopped you from reaching your full potential is dropping easy passes and crucial passes in big spots because you warm up trying to catch the ball with one hand rather than catching the ball with two hands liked you’re supposed to. You can’t stay healthy. You’re physically and mentally soft. Keep telling yourself the Giants held you back. Let’s wait to hear what he and his apologist are going to say after he self implodes in Cleveland.

  9. I really think from this point on he should not mention his previous team at all. Don’t even bring up the name. It will cause him less headache down the road. Just keep saying positive things about your current team.

  10. Wont be long until he’s singing the same tune in Cleveland. 0 accountability with him. Everything with him is self inflicted, also last time I checked “mentally, physically, spiritually” has nothing to due with your surroundings, it has to do with you as a person. You control that. Don’t wait to blossom in the perfect setting of your life, just blossom and be an adult.

  11. The guys head is so big because the MEDIA was so impressed by that one-handed catch & appointed him a freak of nature. They just kept on playing it over and over and over again and OB became the ‘coolest WR ever’ Well, he’s a good WR, not great. Also, last year I watched at least 5 one-handed catches by other WR’s so it’s not special anymore.

  12. A major difference now, is the Browns are probably going to be good, with or without OBJ … and the Giants probably aren’t going to be very good, with or without OBJ.

  13. If the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals back 7 didn’t have enough motivation already. Keep running that mouth. Browns what 7 last year, I’m taking the under. He scares no one. Go find a kicking net to fight.

  14. A shrewd man would at least wait to see how things went in their new environment before rat talking the old one.
    And a wise man would just go forward without feeling the need to comment on the old environment.

  15. He’s missed 21 games in 5 seasons due to injuries. Think that might have impeded him reaching full potential? What can’t he achieve “spiritually” in Cleveland that he can’t in New Jersey? Sorry but he comes across as being a very self centered person. His ego was hurt because the Giants dumped him so he has to act like Taylor Swift singing sour grapes songs about past boyfriends.

  16. OBJ talking more nonsense? Who didn’t predict that? I know….NOBODY.

    The Giants are probably glad he’s gone. The Browns are going to regret trading for him.

  17. Went back to the article from just YESTERDAY when he said he was going silent for a while. The entire comments section – essentially everybody in the outside world – nailed exactly what would happen next. That’s when you know you have become an absolute caricature.

  18. I’m sure OBJ was referring to his contract. If performance mattered he would have participated in off-season programs, etc, etc.

  19. “I’m just excited about being able to play football again and not have to deal with all the other stuff and politics that came with my previous role.”

    So, you freaking out on the sidelines on multiple occasions like the spoiled diva you are, including attacking a kicking net is the “other stuff and politics that came with your previous role”? Riiiiiiiight. I would argue it was your team and teammates that had to deal with you, and not the other way around. But thank you so much for clearing that up, Odell.

    A true team player would show up to practice with his NEW teammates to exhibit they are committed to building chemistry and showing they value team over themselves. But then again, we are talking about a TEAM player – something you have repeatedly shown you are not.

    Good luck Cleveland. You get what you pay for.

  20. At some point he is going to realize he is on the Browns or otherwise known as the factory of sadness; Jimmy is still the owner with an itch to do it his way, so odds are they will implode, perhaps with OBJ leading the way, then end up once again with there usual very high draft pick.

    Easy scenario, OBJ is not getting enough (aka all) passes so he complains to Jimmy who then fires Kitchen (and probably Dorsey) then he brings back Hue…

  21. PersonaNonGrata says:
    June 21, 2019 at 2:35 pm
    So why hold out for that giant (no pun intended) contract then? I wish this guy could hear what a tool he sounds like.

    He signed the extension and got his money. If he truly felt this way he would have refused to resign and forced a trade. He didn’t. That makes what he is saying now bull. He just cant keep his mouth shut can he. Lets just say this…if things don’t work out in Cleveland, the way he has trashed NY on the way out will give pause to other teams if and when he becomes a FA again. Sometimes OBJ its best to leave things unsaid.

  22. I would agree that Mayfield has the potential to be an upgrade over an aging Eli but reaching YOUR full potential???…child, please.

  23. You can judge a man’s character in how he acts in the face of adversity. Will he step and rally everyone to go forward and improve. Will he mope, take his ball and go home, whine, and blame others. I think we know which category both OBJ and Antonio Brown belong in. Does OBJ realize he’s with a team who is a perennial dumpster fire?

  24. When Mayfield misses him or OBJ screws up a route, I will be there with popcorn waiting for the explosion. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN….and the Browns will continue being the Browns!

  25. If he has a great season and the Browns make the playoffs and he shines there?

    You lads will pretend you always knew he and the Browns were going places.

  26. I, me, my – sure, we’re all focused on our own life and development, but it’s a pattern of low self-awareness with this guy.

    Every single bit of the “other stuff” in New York was of his making, and every bit of the “other stuff” so far in Cleveland is as well. If he acted and spoke about it as if he was aware it’s a team sport, it would go a long way.

  27. He maybe right. Eli has been a C grade QB for 5 years.

    Giants should have traded him before signing him to that contract.

  28. I am sure when you walk into the Cleveland club house you see all those Super Bowl Trophies
    Oh wait you do not

    Great talent wasted on a brat

  29. OBJ is a diva and cancer to any locker room or team. But when he was dumped, the Giants just went about their business while Beckdumb keeps crying.

    Meanwhile in Pittsburgh the entire team is trying to convince themselves that they are better off without AB. They don’t even believe it.

  30. Soo, the Giants were holding HIM back???
    Maybe the Giants should get uglier kicking nets so as not to distract Odell from his job. Get full body bubble wrap so he’s not injured a few games EVERY SEASON. put in a travel ban and yachting ban before playoff games so when you do play in the playoffs, you don’t drop half the passes thrown your way.
    The absolute best thing the Giants did this offseason is getting rid of this divisive headache.
    Wait till he and Mayfeild have a few bad games and or a losing streak, I don’t think either one will be able to shut their mouths.
    Throw in a first time head coach with a lot of expectations on his club, it won’t be pretty in Cleveland.

  31. What is it with talented receivers? They’re the most self absorbed, immature players on the team and none of them realize how foolish they are.

  32. Well to be fair Eli Manning was his quarterback

    Subpar line play did not help either

  33. I don’t understand why players struggle so much in the NY market. All you have to do is be a good guy, nice guy, and get a PR firm to feed you a few soundbites. Make the great market of NY work for you! I love NY and can’t understand why getting asked questions breaks these guys down so hard.

  34. If it wasn’t for the giants, you wouldn’t of made your “catch”, and would be just considered just a above average receiver with Napoleon complex

  35. You don’t win having guys like this on your roster and the Browns have cornered the market on these type of players. This man has zero accountability and is more a BS artist than anything else. If he “can’t wait to get going” why did he miss all the voluntary OTA’s?

  36. 10 games into the season the Browns and their fans will be sorry they ever heard of this clown.

  37. bullcharger says:
    June 21, 2019 at 2:31 pm
    Why say anything about the Giants? Probably the most skilled WR in the NFL, but a walking distraction


    the receivers with the best skill sets are able to stay on the field for an entire season or two and win something before they are crowned. this guy made a one handed catch a few years ago and still hes the best. just, no.

  38. the nyg had better results when he was out of the lineup. that tells me all i need to know about this guy.

  39. Good receivers (i.e. Jerry Rice) raises the play o teammates around them. OBJ is way, way too self centered to do anything except for himself. I hope he tears an acl so he can make some more dope smoking selfies.

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