Report: Michael Thomas looking for $22 million a year

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A report earlier this week indicated that the Saints and wide receiver Michael Thomas still had a sizable gap to bridge in talks about a new contract and there’s now word on exactly how big a gap exists between the two sides.

Jeff Duncan of had the initial report and reports on Friday that Thomas is looking for an average annual salary of $22 million a year in his next contract. He adds that the Saints are offering something in the neighborhood of $18 million per year.

Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. currently has the highest average salary per year for wide receivers at $18 million. With Thomas, Julio Jones, A.J. Green and Amari Cooper all in the market for new deals, that number is likely to go up at some point in the near future.

It may not reach the number that Thomas is seeking, although Duncan reports that’s already come down over the course of talks with the team. It could continue to come down and nothing is expected to happen in the immediate future as Thomas is traveling in Europe at the moment.

70 responses to “Report: Michael Thomas looking for $22 million a year

  1. LOL!

    The problem is, the player and agent have no made this public which makes him completely untradeable.


    You need to diagnose the player’s delusions before this happens and quietly trade them. The millisecond you hear a number that is way out of whack, have the agent work with you to move the player for a high 2nd rder, and then let it be another team’s (with a lot of cap space) problem.

    See the Steelers with A. Brown and Leveon Bell.

    Now that teams know this, unless you are the dumb Jets, no team in their right mind would trade for this.

    Great WR, but when Brees is your QB, you’re nowhere worth that. You’re at least 50% of that.

  2. We would all like to make 20-25% above the highest salary in our field. Living the dream. Let me know when one of you out there gets it.

  3. Someone is looking for back pay. On the books for just 1+million in 2019….that, is criminal in this high risk sport. Football players have every right to demand what they are worth right now, not next contract. A blown knee away from losing all leverage and being tossed to the curb.

  4. While obviously high, that might be a reasonable number if signed for long term. I have a feeling in the next couple of years WR money is going to go way up and 22 million may be almost a bargain.

  5. I’m also looking for $22 million/year. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m still looking.

  6. Thomas is a great WR and the Saints have been low-balling him for years. I guess he can recoup some of that. I doubt it, but you start at a high price and find a mid-point.

  7. Jerry better get Armari wrapped up sooner rather than later. Cost of doing business is rising rapidly.

  8. Just bump the offer to 19mil so he’s the highest paid WR at the time of signing and let’s move on. Although I agree he’d probably just be an above average WR if he played for a lesser QB.

  9. Self worth is important but 22 million is ridiculous…He imo is a top 5 WR, with numbers saying top 3. No WR is worth 22 mill or 18 million for that matter. Too many hungry WRs with enough skill sets to pay that much.

  10. Oooohhhh…. Oh no… Michael. Dang man. I’m all for getting that big contract, but dude. C’mon man. You don’t get Dak Prescott money, I’m sorry.

  11. $18M/yr is a MONSTER! The Saints are showing him a TON of respect, and he should seriously not spit in their faces like this. Try to get them up a little more, don’t do this kind of garbage. you’re only setting yourself up for the franchise tag dance.

    Time to fire that agent. Good God.

  12. No wide receiver is worth starting QB money. None. You people who say he needs to get that money before he blows a knee. As though less than 22 million is just barely getting by. It’s not a need it’s a want. Spoiled children.

    Saints have had no problem finding receivers to take passes from Brees. Move on if he doesn’t like it, let some other team mortgage their future on one player who isn’t even a QB.

  13. Sure would be nice if WR’s were team players. Anyone asking for top money at thier position cares more about money than their team winning.

  14. He’d get that if the team didn’t have the franchise tag as leverage. Although paying a WR that kind of money hasn’t proven to be a winning formula

  15. Surely this wasn’t leaked to turn the fans from “pay the man!” to “screw this spoiled diva!”…

  16. Can he play QB at a high level? If he wants that money he’s going to have to learn.

  17. Why are people counting his pockets? What’s wrong with him making as much as he can in his field? Isn’t that what everyone strives for?

  18. This dude wants 4 million more than the next highest WR???? That’s insane!!!!!!!!

  19. Teams that overpay like this guy wants end up with little depth and fall apart when injuries build up on starters

  20. First, do you want to pay one WR that much
    Second, do you want to pay one WR that much when your franchise’s best QB ever is that old knowing you may well soon have that ridiculously high paid WR catching passes from an inferior rookie QB?

  21. Those are all great receivers but hold on as I add up all of their combined Superbowl wins…. oh yea ZERO

  22. “Don’t guarantee that money. WRs get old in hurry when they approach 30.”

    Or when their HOF QBs retire and a mediocre guy behind him steps in… Is this guy a top 3 WR with any QB throwing him the ball? Good? Yes. Elite? I dunno.

  23. I could see the saints signing him to a 5 year deal where he gets the 1 million for this season his rookie deal has him on and then the next 4 are 20-22 million. That way Michael Thomas could get his 20+ million a year asking price but the team is paying him right around 17-18 million a year

  24. jonathankrobinson424 says:

    June 21, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Thomas is a great WR and the Saints have been low-balling him for years. I guess he can recoup some of that. I doubt it, but you start at a high price and find a mid-point.


    He’s on his rookie deal, so how have the Saints been low-balling him for years?

  25. Saints wants $18mil, he wants $22mil, so something in the middle makes since. $19-20mil a season is where the WR market is heading. I’m sure Atlanta is in the $20mil range with Julio. It would be better to get the deal done before the market resets itself even higher.

  26. If Thomas gets anywhere near $20M it will make AB’s head explode. It’s only a matter of time. Sorry raiders time for a new contract.

  27. ringheadcrusher says:
    June 21, 2019 at 1:34 pm
    $18M/yr is a MONSTER! The Saints are showing him a TON of respect, and he should seriously not spit in their faces like this. Try to get them up a little more, don’t do this kind of garbage. you’re only setting yourself up for the franchise tag dance.

    Time to fire that agent. Good God.
    It’s not spittung in the face of anyone. It’s called negotiating. You start off high $22 million the saints start their offer off at a lower number than their willing to pay, $18 million and eventually both parties meet in the middle ($19 or $20 million per year) or since this is the NFL maybe the yearly salary doesn’t chage from $18 million a season but the full gaurantees are increased significantly.

    I always find it amusing how so many of you guys clench your pearls and feint when players treat this like a business. This one of the few times in a player’s life he will get to maximize his earnings and set himself up for life. This has nothing to do with feelings and everything to do with business.

  28. I don’t even think he’s worth 18MM.
    But a player is entitled to try for any amount they want.
    The thing I don’t like is trying to kill the trade market.

    Question> “Do you want to get PAID?”

    If YES, then kepe your mouth shut and we will trade you and your new team will pay you.

    We will not pay you.
    If you destroy your trade value what we will do is:

    1 – make you play out your 4th year of your rookie contract

    2 – franchise tag you. You were born on March 3, 1993. So AFTER 2019, you will turn 27 by free agency. After we tag you, you will have just turned 28. Yes, you can still get paid, but you are older, and will have to face 2 years of injury risk. If you act up (a la AB) then kit will impact how much a new team will pay you.

    So keep silent, and we can work out a trade, and you can get PAID and be happy.

    By the way – at 18MM/year you get to play on a strong team. If you go elsewhere you may play on a weaker team. If you earn $75,000,000 on a good team, rather than $90,000,000 on a bad team is that so bad? You will enjoy yourself much more.

  29. I remember when 10 mil a year was a lot for a WR, its just a matter of time before their’s a 20 mil a year WR….why not let it be Mike!! He has put some serious WORK these past 3 season!! Whodat

  30. I believe 18 million is quite a nice number Michael. True you have had great years (with Brees), but that doesn’t mean you should be paid like him. Let’s see, Brandin Cooks is gone from the Saints and the Pats.

  31. Wide receivers are entirely dependent on the guy throwing them the ball. They see the ball a handful times a game. Case in point: Gregg Jennings. He thought HE made the QB in Green Bay and mouthed his way out of the Packers. In Minnesota, instead of catching balls in the hands in full stride from Aaron Rodgers, he watched balls bounce in front of him or sail over his head or behind him.

  32. they’d have to structure a deal like that for the post-Brees era. That’s realistic. just push Brees cap hits to Thomas while they have a rookie QB contract.

    The real question they have is if they think thomas is worth that much when Brees won’t be there.

  33. Guys get way to caught up in the money. Thomas won’t have nearly as much value when Brees is gone. We’ll see what Antiono Brown does with Carr this year in Oakland but i don’t think he’ll have near the production he had with Big Ben.

    If the Saints are offering 18 mil he better take it. He may not get as much somewhere else.

  34. Some of you guys are high. Must be. Drew Brees in 2018 was not Drew Brees of 2008. He’s without question a 1st ballot HoF QB, great player and seems like an even better person but honestly, regardless of the bad call, do you think that rams team even comes close to beating them in the superdome if he were even close to that same guy? Do you think they’d need to have gotten lucky to beat the eagles the week before? If that fumble doesn’t go through Brandon Graham’s hands or Foles doesn’t under-throw a wide open Zach ertz, it’s at least 21-0 and game, set, match. If alshon Jeffery doesn’t drop that ball, eagles score a TD there without much time left on the clock. They won that game because of Michael Thomas. That offense hums because of Thomas & kamara, not to mention a very underrated offensive line. If it were me and it came down to Thomas or Brees, at this stage, I’m taking Thomas. The guy was great but he’s not Brady (I hate the Patriots, so don’t go there). He’s better than average at this point still, definitely, but that offense comes down to earth this year. He can’t make the same throws anymore.

    Not sure if Thomas is worth $22m/year but loyalty to Brees is going to be their undoing. The window is all but closed for them to win a SB with Brees running the show. They should’ve done what the chiefs did, brought in a young guy, give him a year to learn under Brees and then trade Brees because you know some dumb team that thinks they’re a QB away, like Jacksonville or Washington, would’ve paid paid paid for Brees and then the saints would be prepared for life without Brees and had the cap space to meet in the middle with Thomas while having a good, young QB on a rookie deal and an awesome roster. I know this comment will get a million thumbs down and you’ll all call me stupid but you’ll see. Saints will be at best a 4 seed but most likely a wild card team and lose on the road first week of the playoffs or miss the playoffs altogether. Going to save this post in my notes to remind you all, people like Tyla that you don’t know half as much as you like to think you do. I will also repost this if I’m wrong and eat my words. I’m not like you “patriot way” people that deny deny deny or act like I know everything and don’t admit ever being wrong. Yep, that’s you, tyla

  35. $22 million….may be when Brees cap # clears. Then enjoy either being the Patron Saint so to speak. Or being franchised & traded. Great hands are made easier by a great passer. Though he’s tough to cover. I’ll give him that.

  36. I love the guy but holy moly is that a lotta money to pay a WR. His catch radius percentage was HOF-worthy last year. Maybe meet in the middle and settle at $20 million.

  37. Seriously? He’s really good and all, but how much is him and how much is Brees?

  38. Everybody calm down…

    It was a typo in the article… he doesnt want 22 million…

    He wants 220 million a season.

  39. How about just take a fair deal and get over yourself? Make $18m a year and play on a good team that has money to spend on other good players.

    Just another reason Brady is the GOAT and there is no debate. He makes a ridiculously good living playing a game he loves and doesn’t have to stroke his ego with cash at every chance he gets. The question, really, is who is to blame for this garbage? Players, agents, or the union?

  40. As a Steelers fan who endured a player I was really fond of go through this, Leveon sat out a season, signed with someone else for basically what the Steelers put on the table.

    Then, the best player on the team, AB, goes full on extreme pout and gets traded for a ham sandwich, to sign an extension at tier two level.

    The egos are team killers.

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