Trysten Hill watching how Hall of Famers played his position


Trysten Hill is the “perfect fit” for what Rod Marinelli wants in a three-technique for the Cowboys defense. It’s why Dallas passed on a safety with the 58th overall choice and instead selected the Central Florida defensive tackle.

Hill was asked what he thought Marinelli meant by “perfect fit,” and said, “I think just the way I play, my play style, and what he wants out of his three-techniques and how they play the game. I think that’s kind of what he means. Being a perfect fit can mean a lot of things. I’m just excited for the opportunity.”

In Tampa Bay, Marinelli had Hall of Famer Warren Sapp playing the under tackle position. He had Henry Melton and Tommy Harris in Chicago. The Cowboys haven’t had a Pro Bowler at the position since Marinelli became defensive coordinator in 2014. (Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher made the Pro Bowl in 2013 when Marinelli was the Cowboys defensive line coach. Hatcher left for Washington in the spring of 2014.)

Marinelli has had Hill watch tape of Sapp, Milton, Harris and Hall of Famer John Randle.

“I like watching the old film. They play the game the right way,” Hill said. “They run around. It’s crazy to think that they say the game is faster now a days, especially when watching those guys. I love watching the old tape and doing it right. I want to do it just like them.”

Marinelli said he wants Hill to watch Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers play the position in the Tampa Two, so Hill “sees the final product.”

“What does it look like? That’s what it looks like,” Marinelli said. “You present it to them with the end in mind. That’s the end right there. Here we are starting here. Now, how do you progress to that? But you have a clear visual picture of what it looks like.”

Hill is a long way from being a final product, but the Cowboys like the initial product.

3 responses to “Trysten Hill watching how Hall of Famers played his position

  1. Not a Cowboys fan, but as a UCF alum, I am hoping Trysten Hill can stay out of any trouble that seems to follow Dallas players and make UCF proud.

  2. If anyone can coach Trysten Hill up to his potential, it’s Coach Marinelli.

  3. I’m a Cowboy fan and a UCF fan. I was thrilled when the ‘Boys drafted Trysten Hill. With Rod Marinelli ability to coach Hill and bring out the potential in him, I really expect Hill to do very well in his first year in the NFL.

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